Monday, November 9, 2015

rohn two months old

I would like to come off as one of those totally lovingly-sad and sappy Moms who mourn the loss of their babies' newborn'ness but frankly Mama keeps it real and I just don't feel that way. Do not mistake me, I loved Rohn-newborn-version. And when he cried I held him. And when he was hungry I fed him. And when he pooped I changed him. And I never spanked him. So all in all I rocked that phase, but I was ready for a heartier child. Introducing Rohn 2.0. He's no longer a baby sized log laying in various areas of the house, now this log also smiles. And often times, its caused purely by the sight of my face and I love that because it makes me feel pretty.


But also seriously. A smile from Rohn right when I wake up has me feeling like makeup just isn't necessary... then I look in the mirror and realize his smile just lied to me... or maybe its just a smile and I'm reading too much into it.

anyway. My beautiful baby is two months old.

Do you see that smile? Lets just say, if he wants a car on his 15th birthday-- and not one of those janky fixer uppers his Dads gonna try and get him into, but like a new car with automatic locks and tinted windows... well if he keeps up that smile he just might get it.
Assuming of course, he doesn't develop an attitude problem.

Friday, October 9, 2015

rohn 1 month

Today is the ninth.

Tomorrow the tenth.

And therefor Rohn will be 2 months old in one short day and if I don't post this now it will fall under the eternally growing category of yet another thing I managed to NOT do on time... a thing which Mister Rohn knows alot about; he who arrived 3 days past his expected due date. And yes, I am still bitter about that and no I do not intend to stop nursing him 3 minutes late for every meal as retribution.

Fair is fair.

While I am still bitter about him making me wait those extra days to meet him, I must admit those three additional days in womb really straightened him out. I like to think of it as a long weekend in boot camp, with my uterus as active drill sergeant who released him only until she got all the kinks worked out. And boy did she ever, this baby is perfect.
.... although he does still poop. So, correction: he's darn near perfect.
Did you catch that bit about him being my best nurser? Don't make me smile, a good nurser has my heart. And that round baby belly... awwww lets not get me started. Obviously I love this boy and he is just the most almost perfect ending to our family growing era.
I cant wait to see what 2 month old Rohn is like...
... tomorrow. Oh the tiny benefits of procrastination.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

false alarm... again

Rohn is over a month old now. It's strange to think it was just six weeks ago that I thought I was in labor. Of course an actual labor took place but the false one was so much more embarrassing.  I am ashamed to admit I was guilty of a false alarm... but in my defense that's progress. With Khage I was sent home twice with deceitful labors. Yes, two times a nurse had to look me in the eyes and tell my to buck up, shut up and come back when a baby is actually exiting my body. Obviously the dialogue was different but the message was spot on.

Hindsight, I should not have fallen victim to that final false alarm. I really should have known...

+ When you stop to get Jamba Juice before heading to the hospital... you are not in labor.

+ When you text a selfie to your Mom and sisters on the way to the hospital and mock a contraction face... you are not in labor.

+ When you walk into the labor and delivery ward and a nurse compliments you on how pretty you look... you are not in labor.

+ When you can happily participate in a labor inducing dance... you are not in labor.

+ When you can do multiple squats against a wall and think to yourself "my form is just outstanding right now"... you are not in labor.

+ When you can jog up and down the stairs taking two at a time while your husband hums the Rocky theme song... you are not in labor

+ If a triage nurse instructs you to walk around the hospital for an hour to induce contraction and you and your husband can happily enjoy that time spent together because to you any outing without kids is basically a date... you are not in labor.

+ But if you show up to the hospital in unwashed clothes, are loudly grunting and moaning, crying ugly, scared to death, demanding an epidural even though that goes against everything you wanted, and all the while wondering quite possibly if your dying and don't understand how not a single person in a room filled with people including the one man who put you in such predicament could not even care...

.... well, then you just might be in labor

...and then you can expect more ugly crying, but at least you'll have a beautiful baby to show for it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

he's here

(... and has been for some time.)

Last time I sat here to blog I had something hindering my ability to sit comfortably. But today I sit without impediment because that nuisance, our baby, has been born. I no longer get attacked from the inside the moment I stray from an upright ninety degree posture. Instead, said baby, rattles me from deep beautiful sleep multiple times a night, it demands all throughout the day to be fed exactly when it desires and with no concern for what I am doing at that exact moment, and insists that I keep it safe and comfortable all the moments in between. That baby... we call him Rohn Thomas, but he answers to nothing... comes with quite a bit of baggage. But boy is he perfect.

Cue birth announcement twenty nine days late...

Think of it as a test drive. We wanted to be sure we were jivin' before committing ourselves as his guardians for the next 18 years. It was stop and go for a while all thanks to the meconium and Rohn's insistence on showing it to us 6 times a day. But now that that phase has passed we are simply smitten with him.

Welcome to the family sweet boy, we love you without condition now that our sole condition has been met.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

the picture request that warmed my heart

This photo is not going to win any awards. I am very aware of that fact.

It wont even get framed.

But darn if it doesn't just make me so happy. Its blurry as heck, all thanks to that sketchy two year old photographer. She can break into my password protected phone and wind up on a webpage that looks as if she's hacking into NASA, but jeezzzz if that girl cant take a decent picture. Either way, this pic is amazing and I get all gushy just looking at it. Hello pregnancy hormones, come on out and play.

I just cant help the fact that I love it so. Its bursting with happiness and its evidence of a rare time when Khage wanted to take a picture with me. Lets emphasis the with ME part because typically his request is that I take a picture of HIM as the follow up to me asking Harlyn to pose for a picture...

or he wants a picture of his overflowing pride at finishing his first lego build...

or a picture of him in deep concentration...

or a picture of him looking super fresh in the super cool super hero shorts his Nana made him...

or a picture of him strong arming his little sister...

... but never with ME and just because. So to you this picture is like totally not going to break the internet but to this emotionally unstable pregnant woman...
well, it does silly things to my heart.

Friday, July 31, 2015

camping with four

We just got back from camping... two weeks ago. Can I get a whoop whoop because this Mama is on fire and completely punctual with this post. Lest we forget I'm typically a month and a half turnaround kinda girl, so two weeks late is nothing to sneeze at. Also, I have a baby coming soon so this will not at all become a habit of mine. I have been rockin the procrastination since grade school, and have zero intentions of becoming one of those ontime over achievers. So expect this baby's announcement to arrive in your mailbox... uh... uh... oh ya, never.

Brad and I decided it would be fun to take one last family camping trip as a family of four. We thought unlike last time, maybe this time the kids would be independent and spontaneous enough to endure a few days in the woods without the comfy lifestyle they have grown so fond of, we thought maybe Brad could get some fishing in and we thought pregnant me would take to the woods like a natural bush woman.

We thought wrong on all of those counts.

Did I mention I was then 3 weeks from having a watermelon? Picture all 170 pounds of me squatting in the woods.

Better yet, don't picture that. Some thing's you just cant unsee.

And the kids... oh these kids. They just cant hang in the woods. They don't do well off a schedule, Harlyn is a klutz and that is just never a good combination with the outdoors because you know she'll probably end up falling off a rock and into the lake, ruining all chances of Bread actually catching anything. And Khage will down right refuse to poop in the woods, even if we fashion a makeshift bathroom out of a sheet. Then life gets extra fun when Mommy forgets to pack Harlyn nighttime diapers and were forced to construct one out of a tube sock and paper towels which just ended up looking like our toddler was sleeping in a giant maxi pad. 

Andddddddd it rained. Making it very clear that our tent is in fact NOT water proof. Good thing my man knows how to set up a dirty laundry/paper towel/blanket barricade... this guy's skills are truly never ending. If he could have fabricated me a potty perch, this pregnant bod would have thanked him greatly.

But hey, lets just paste some smiles on our faces and trick those nearby campers into believing that we are a family totally capable of roughin it. As far as those screams you hear coming from our campsite? Don't worry about those.

 Harlyn... forever classy.
And look, I was there too. Just parading about in my most stylish camping attire as of yet. Take special notice of Harlyn trying to outshine me with her ever so adorable toe tip. She may be wearing crocs but darn it if she wont try to chic 'em up.

Until next time.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

countdown to baby e.t.a

I think I should probably walk away from the computer right about now, disregard this post and spend my time doing something more suitable like reveling in the silence that is my house. All three of the kids are sleeping, one still sleeping inside womb but I'm not picky as long as their all catching their required zzzz's. I still cant believe next week...ahem or a few days later based on past history... that I will have 3 children and my now quiet house will live no more.

It sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm actually not, just proper note taking on our current status. Status being: quiet house but anxious mommy because I couldn't be more excited for the up and coming chaos. While that may make me stupid, it also makes me just plain in love with these kids and what ever mood/emotion/tantrum they will throw at me once they realize they are getting moved on down the line. K and H, did I mention your no longer my favorites?

Love ya, but babies smell good. Like real good.

So here we go, count down to me getting my fill on being needed again. Read that as: the kids will probably fight over me... picture me smiling devilishly because I'm totally into that kind of thing. I just love feeling needed by these ever so needy spawns and that includes a new baby addition that will probably be the worst offender of all time. Seeing as babies never know what they really want and just seem to cry for the sake of hearing their own sound.

+ Maybe all the crying will force the mouse that has taken up residency in our home to move out. Maybe, but surely not. Considering, the other two kids do their fair share of screaming and yet it still insists on using our address as its main headquarters. Did I mention we killed this current mouse's cousin/friend/brother (could have been a sister because obviously we didn't investigate) last week. So its pretty clear we have a mouse infestation. Welcome home baby, I hope you like your new pet(s).

+ So this pictures is from a few weeks ago, I look exactly the same if you can completely ignore the additional pounds gained and regional swelling.

This may be the last of this pregnancy's photo series. I may not get around to taking another one because this particular wall is at a local park and therefor I am required by law to wear pants, and I try to avoid that as much as possible these days. So, maybe don't stop by unannounced. You have been warned.

+ My sisters and Mom threw me a little sprinkle for Roo last weekend. In case, like myself, your not entirely current on baby trends, a sprinkle is like a mini shower for second or third time mommies. And that came straight from babycenter so you know that information is legit. It was amazing, and fun and I was riding that happiness for a solid two days. Post on that coming soon. Or later.

+ My belly button has popped which makes me all the more anxious that labor is impending, but then I remember it popped like three months ago so that little fact is altogether worthless.

+ And lastly, my wedding ring still fits. I was forced into removing it early with my other two pregnancies so this just makes me feel great, like this fat bod is really just a figment of my imagination and the 30 pounds gained must surely be all baby. Hello, New World Record... I'll take my trophy in the form of a lifetime supply of diapers, thanks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

harlyn's two

There she is people, our baby girl in all her two year old glory.
Take it in, every last bit of her.
Sidenote: if I can teach you anything about my sometimes seemingly strange camera shots it is this: I'm not overly concerned with faces, I am in the market for all those other often times overlooked tiny details. Hence the reason 3 out of the 11 photos above feature her looking at the camera. Don't mistake me, I love her face too but I also adore her tiny ankles, the way her little hands are holding that flower, the side profile that shows off her protruding upper lip and the little bridge above her nose, the small dent at the back of her neck and the way I can never get her pigtail part straight because she only grants me 30 seconds to do her hair, or that way she crouches down with her little butt just an inch off the ground and the loving way in which she holds and cares for her so very precious babies.

These are the things I never EVER want to forget.  It's these little things that entice us to sneak in her room once she's asleep to lay one last kiss on the bridge above her nose, or the reason why we grab her hand just to feel its tiny weight in ours, and the constant excuse Brad and I have for meeting eyes and proudly declaring how adorable our daughter is.

If you need further proof, which I don't think you do...

Any kid this cute that likes cheese and farts on demand has my heart already.

And that cute little outfit featured in the series of photos from above was courtesy of world's greatest Nana. That was the first of many outfits Nana has now lovingly made for Harlyn, and I mean it when I say I love seeing my daughter dressed in something made by my Mother.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

soccer season spring 2015

Khage's first soccer season has finally come to a close and honestly I am so sad to say goodbye. I'm gonna miss the way he crashed after a practice or a game, I'm gonna miss the quality time that we got to spend with Harlyn on a blanket in the grass while Khage was involved with his team but most of all I am going to miss watching Khage's confidence and skills grow with every week.

In most ways I am no soccer Mom. I don't care about winning because I am not at all competitive, but watching Khage get excited as he improved as a player had me wanting to ride up to that game with war paint on my face and hostility on my sleeves. I really wanted him to score goals and I sat secretly on the sidelines keeping score just so I could see his face when I told him later that his team had won. And if they lost... well I  conveniently forgot to mention it.

Maybe in some ways I'm just a soccer mom in denial.

But either way our boy did amazing at his first team sport. We had a slow start but eventually he got the hang of it and even scored a goal....

while it was in the other team's net all that mattered to us was that he took that ball down that field and walloped it into any ol' net.

And he was often times seen hugging his teammates so much that his coach was forced a few times to literally pick him up and move him to his proper position away from his friends to ensure his attention. And lets not forget the joy I felt when I could here him laughing clear across the field as he sat on the sidelines messing around with his team while he waited for his turn.


At the end of it all, I will count this season as a win in my book...

especially since they finished with a .710 winning percentage... fyi.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

this ones a thinker

I would never dare say I was a smart child. I was definitely no idiot but smart is an adjective I am not convinced many used while pointing in my direction. Unless of course, they were referring to the kid directly behind me... then maybe that happened a time or two. I never played with a rubrics cube, started a conversation with "according to my calculations", and pizza party day was way more exciting to me then pop quiz day.

But Khage, some way some how inherited those genes... the smarts ones from the kid behind me. How ever did that happen? I'm still trying to figure it out. But Khage is one of those thinker types. At least for now, I can hardly speak for future Khage, but current Khage?... Boy be smart. Future Khage will have some big shoes to fill... except current Khage, in retrospect to future Khage - would be then known as past Khage and those shoes would obviously be smaller and therefor hard to fill purely due to lack of room... Buttttt I think you get my point.

In record time he has learned to identify the complete alphabet in lowercase, a large portion of uppercase (which I have not spent anytime at all teaching him), all of the letter's sounds and has already attempted a few stage one books. But that's not even the greatest part of his genius, my favorite thing about this boy is his ability to hear something once, like the word extinct (as in the dinosaurs) and lock it away for his future use.

While I am his main teacher as of yet, I can hardly take credit for his educational excellence. It comes down to 2 simple things: Khage is a question asker and a memorizer. He is so very curious about everything and it typically takes him hearing something only a few times before it clicks... unless of course were referring to him and his need to wear underware, then that requires constant reminding. Also he loves exploring the world so much he has used the wildlife magazine subscriptions that Nana got him to expand his vocabulary with words such as nocturnal, anemone, prey and instinct. He also stays well informed by exploring historical and current events by delving into Nation Geographic (the grown up version). He has become quite fascinated with the Titanic disaster, being able to describe a play by play of the ships collision with the iceberg up to its crash on the ocean floor.

Can I remind you that he is only 4 years old.

And a total perfectionist, so if he fails to meet his own high standard of expectations he pushes himself even harder. Making Brad's and my job a heck of a lot easier.

... and true story he just asked me yesterday if I would buy him a rubrics cube and we all know that to be a very clear indicator of ones intelligence.

I know this from experience... or lack there of.