Thursday, April 17, 2008

Parent Swap.

Last saterday was the first filming of Brads and my real life Parent Swap episode... only without the cameras, an audiance and oh yeah we dont exactly have children to "swap". So in all reality we were pretty much just babysitting. While Wes and Nikki were in New York Brad and I agreed to relieve Mrs. Whitehead of her Grandma duties for a day and a half. We took RY.KY.DEL home with us for what we hoped would be a fun weekend which in the end turned out to be eye opening. After alot of deciphering of Delanie's code words and the calming down of some kids hoped up on the sugar stuff I realized this business is not so easy. And as you can tell from the pictures below at one point it got completley out of hand. Those little hooligans begain to slowly turn on us, taking down Brad at first until he was completly wedged in between the couch and the blow up matress; rendering those muscles of his... useless.
I of course resorted to rising above the madness and throwing at them the only thing I knew would work... more sugar. Then once Brad surrenderd to their streangth they released him, but only as long as he promised to bedazzle up their hair.
All in all, Brad and myself made it out alive, but Im sure after last weekend we will never be the same.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

28 Days to go...

In an MSN article regarding love they stated the most likely place to find the person of your dreams is in the aisles of a grocery store. In other internet articles' statistics they proved that men were more emotional than women, people found pit-bulls to be the friendliest of domesticated animals and that it wasn’t that hard to crawl your way out of debt. I can say that the latest three of the four opinions tend to be false (even though at times men can be quite, lets say romantically in touch with their feminine sides), but I found that the first statement is far from doubtful.
I remember walking through Albertsons in search of sugar related products and I can promise you it wasn’t for me, whether I ate some or not is a different story. I was talking on the phone when I noticed a young-some what attractive-shabby looking-guy staring at me so nonchalant like. He walked past me in the candy aisle, picked up nothing I might add, and headed off to the check out stands. By that time he occupied my curiosity so I waited a few seconds and followed, hoping to get a better look at his ugly torn up skateboarding shoes and that scruffy face. By the time I got there he was no where to be seen and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly disappointed. After paying my $13.24 on products bound to go straight to my thighs I headed out the door reassuring myself that he would have wound up being a creep anyhow. Like the creep title I tagged him with he drove up to me in his big “I’m a tough guy” truck and asked for my number. After a 15 minute conversation that I completely dominated with my over zealous personality and ability to speed chat and his nervousness on the receiving end I gave in and handed it over… with little struggle. After a year worth of a great friendship and months as something better we have managed to squeeze out 28 days short of a year “going steady.” Come to find he’s not so bad looking, his skater shoes, while torn, are not ugly, he lacks the macho-man in a truck attitude and in no way is he creep. MSN didn’t lie when they stated amazing relationships start at a grocery store and I am not lying when I say I have picked out, put in my cart, and checked out (in the fewer than 10 items line) the best man in the world. You could say with Brad I literally got a bargain… and it wasn’t even Triple Coupon Thursday.