Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who will be the next American Idol?

What do you get when you mix: the Whiteheads plus two, some bad tasting homemade macaroni and American Idol Karaoke...?

Sunday Dinner at Brad and Jamee's house!!!

I don't know the last time I had more fun singing in a group... well I don't actually really remember ever singing in a group. I usually save my voice premieres for a lonely ride in the car or a private retreat in the shower. And if someone did get the luxury of hearing me "bust out a note" it was Brad right before he told me to stop! So all in all it was allot of fun singing along to songs such as Your Beautiful, Glamorous and Irreplaceable. If we were not fighting Nikki for the mike than we were all nicely taking our turns expressing ourselves through song, apparently Nikki didn't get the "sharing is caring" message! Towards the end of the night we played a FRIENDLY game of American Idol, with seven contestants including Mrs. Whitehead, Brad, Trevor, Nikki, Hailey, Wes and myself. We sang our little hearts out, all battling to become the next American Idol. With Wes' high pitched girly voice, Nikki's bad singing (which she claims was because she didn't know the song), my inability to hit the right note, Trevor and Hailey's lack of charisma, and Brads pathetic attempt at a high note left Mrs. Whitehead as the chosen American Idol of this season! All in all two thumbs up!!!!


Mom Whitehead said...

You do have a way with words JamEE. I couldn't have described the evening any better. Hailey got into it a little more as the eve wore on - we'll work on Trev (party pooper)!
A public congratulations to the two of you on your upcoming nuptials - we love you.
-Whitehead Idol Queen

Nikki said...

Whitehead Idol Queen - HA - until Sunday when I kick all your butts! I have been practicing! And we will have two mikes so I won't have to fight for one!

Fressia said...

Ah... I'm jealous! You're a bunch of dorks, but I'm still jealous! How much fun! Who the heck is Hailey?

Brad&Jamee said...

Hailey: a lil texan that lil trevor fancys... in fact I think they are going steady. ha.

Nikki said...

Ok, girl, it is totally time to UPDATE!! I want to see how big Koda is! (not sure how to spell it!) There are lots of things I would like to hear about! Get posting!