Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm the baby got to love me...

Sometimes I get this crazy little desire to start a family. I see people all of the time with their cute little babies, doing cute little things and wearing cute little stuff and it just makes me want to go out and get me one of those. Because baby time is far away I have created a fairly decent substitute. I can only hope that Bradley will find this little cutie as accepting as a real baby child.

Friday, June 19, 2009

When The Cats Away...

With Brad out of town, my schedule has cleared up ALOT lately! I have found myself faced with some serious amounts of alone time and without the presence of another human being. Of course I go to work, but once I clock on out of there I am immediately on my own for what becomes the duration of the night. Let me share with you what I (the little mouse) occupied my time with while the poor kitty (brad) was away...

First and foremost FOOD! I am not lying when I say I filled my belly, almost all fourteen days, with yummy delectable nachos... (consuming over 3 bags worth of chips and equally over 42 oz of goodness and totaling over 5,500 calories that I don't regret at all)

Then I made sure to arm myself with a little friend I like to call "get out of my house or your gonna die" (aka. Brads gun)...! Do I even have to mention what a great shot I am? because I will mention it.

Of course I also became awfully close to Mr. Dyson; don't be alarmed hes not the neighbor's husband, the FedEx man or even the pool guy (which would be awkward because we lack a pool altogether) but instead our Dyson vacuum. With many restless nights clear of responsibilities, I resorted to cleaning the house strictly out of boredom.

Must you even ask? Of course I NetFlixed. Almost obsessively...

Then there was Baggera. I taught her old butt to do a partial rollover. We attempted paw for a good half a week but her stubborn self saw no delight nor pleasure in simply shaking hands with me... so we resorted to rolling over just enough to receive a belly rub with my toes. Isn't she excited?

SLEEP! Usually from 12:00 to 9:00 and alot more during the weekends. As you can see in the picture below, someone else found enjoyment in my laziness.

And Lastly, I released my inner "hippie slash woodstock'ish meets Johnny Cash" and strummed on ol' Betsy BlueRidge.

All in all: a productive two weeks! The only thing that's greater then the level of things I accomplished while Brad was away, is how much I miss my better half! I cannot wait for him to be back home with me and our little family! I miss you SVEETIE!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Karma Bites Back Twice As Hard

I just want to run down a short list of apologies...
Im sorry old man who I may have cut off the other day because, as it seemed then, your Buick didnt have the option to speed up at all past 45 on the freeway.
Im sorry customer that I got a little cranky with you because you happened to request a phone with every fancy gadget and jingle capability but desired it free of charge.
Im sorry fifth grade teacher that I hit that one boy with a chair, because it was my way of showing him that I like him.
Im sorry to all of society that I happened to have laughed way too hard at a silly joke and may, or may not have, disrupted your dinner or movie...
(this could go on for days)

Im just really sorry to the world because as it seems, I may be in for some serious Karma! I have had some pretty bad luck lately and it's as if I am getting paid back for many of things I did that were either rude, ignorant or just stupid.
This past month you may know from my previous blog, that I have visited the hospital. In addition to that Baggera was hit with a dually by her own daddy, Teddy Ruxpin was admitted to the docotrs for a puncture wound that resulted in an infection and an operation by Brad that involved a two inch thorn and an Exacto knife. Then Bradley became the owner of a so sad case of poison oak or ivy, and last but surely not least Koda got bit by a copper head snake the other day!

I just wish I knew what I did, so I could pay my duty back to society and come back into contact with my regularly supplied good luck!

Friday, May 8, 2009

You Dont Wanna See Pictures, I Promise!

I have a little something to say. Some of you may think its obnoxious, some may want to battle me and insist that I'm inaccurately stating information that I cannot prove, and others are simply going to ignore me and my minor outburst and that's okay. What I want to say, and do not take this lightly, but I am sorry to all you ladies in the world, married or un-married, because I am currently the significant other of the Whole World's Greatest Man, yep he's a WWGM. Ironic that my previous post explained that I suck as far as fiance'ism?? Ponder that later, lets get back to this: I Love Bradley!
I have been majorly sick for the past few days, and I mean Emergency Room, Doctors Visit, tail-bone infection thing, puking up my goodies and the whole nine yards. I will save you the gory details if you understand the intensity of the issue. Anyhow I was sick and Bradley took such awesome care of me. I have always felt that a persons colors show up the brightest when they are tossed into unexpected catastrophic events... I puked in a bowl repeatedly and he turned around and cleaned it, many times... that to me, and I'm sure to him, was catastrophic!
So one more time, I wanna shout it from the rooftops...

Also as a side note, but no less important then my previous statement, Mrs. Whitehead is utterly amazing as well. She picked me up from work, when I couldn't get ahold of Brad, and brought me over some crackers and those little awesome Apple Juice Boxes that I'm extremely keen on and they always seem to make me smile. I still have not figured out why I love those JuiceBoxes so much, could it be the delicious tasting juice that resides just inside those little boxey walls, or could it be that drinking from a straw and doing a little squeezy squeeze action every minute or so just makes me feel little again? No Matter what I love about the juice in a box, my real appreciation is for Mom; Thank you, Your the Bestest!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GoodBye Best Fiance Ever & Welcome Lamest Fiance On Earth!!!!

Man oh Man! Let us say, for the stories sake, that you could have the worst day ever, what would that incorporate? Maybe your house is caught on fire and possibly someone you know is stuck inside, and maybe that someone you know was actually inside your house because they broke in with the intent to steal all your valuables and sell them on ebay for double what you paid for them! Would that day qualify as a "bad day"? I would say so, but what if we could claim today was an even worse day for me because... I forgot Brads birthday!!!! There I said it! I forgot!!!!! Whats even worse about it all is that we just celebrated the day of his birth early to insure his father was present for the celebration. So technically I remembered, thanks to his mother, and turned around and forgot again. I have the attention span of a goldfish apparently! I know what your thinking... isn't it even worse for Brad that you Jamee forgot about him and the day his mother gave birth to him? No, I say because hes a man who simply doesn't care about being older or celebrating this special day, he only cares that he has one up on me for the rest of my life! On one very special day that we will share, I will wait around and wonder if has forgotten the holiday (any holiday pick one, birthday, anniversary... OH NO CHRISTMAS???), and he will simply have the luxury to say "I forgot and I don't care that I forgot, and because you forgot my birthday, you cant care that I forgot either"...

So here right now, in the very chair that I sit at during work hours (sorry boss) I have come to terms with two things:
1. I am not the fiance that I pride myself on and tell others that I am, instead I am a "no happy birthday" giving girlfriend until around noon!
2. One day I will wait around for a gift that is never coming!!!!

I just turned this sad circumstance into a poor Jamee moment, when in reality its Brads birthday!!! Yep bloggerworld that just happened!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor Little Park Bench Sitting Grannys

I wonder today if you happened to notice that something fishy was going about? Did you happen to notice that all the birds that usually reside around your house were gone? Do you think the beaches were suddenly seagull free? Can we assume that all the grannys sitting in the park waiting to feed the birds felt a little disappointed?

Well being the versatile student that I am, let me assist you with a prognosis (medical student? no but I try)... So where exactly were all the birds you ask? Well at our house of course... literally thousands upon thousands were sitting in the trees surrounding our house and swooping about searching for food... do you think the poor economy has affected their food source as well (See next blog)?
(Enlarge to get the full affect)

The Value of One Measly Dollar

Let me update you with Brad and my current situation: we are living a life of poverty. For those of you who are not lucky enough to get to experience such a life I will hook you up with some information. Lets start at the beginning, our new way of life is complete with a title and its called "unemployed household". As of now its working out pretty well for us, I mean we get to spend hours upon hours together, we get to go on a special "diet" and we read in a room full of the light provided by one light bulb, or an oil lantern much like Benjamin Franklin's. I mean what is not to love about eating, everyday and sometimes twice a day, hot dogs and macaroni? The other day we enjoyed a delicacy called fish sticks and PB&J's on Ritz crackers. For those of you who are in the process of currently filling out a personal check with our names on it, just settle down. This is fun for us. Its kind of like a new twist on camping. We have pinky promised to avoid the grocery store until all the junk hidden in the back the of cupboards gets eaten, or at least sneakily thrown away. Below I have included a picture of some pathetic items from our cupboards and a shot of our bare fridge. Don't be alarmed we have a few frozen items that I'm withholding from sight. Well I have to go now because blogging simply uses too much energy and folks that's not exactly free of charge. If you don't hear from us soon its because our phones have been shut off! Live long and prosperous...

This wouldnt be too bad if we had the mayo to put with tuna, some bread for the peanut butter, some salad for the dressing and one egg to make muffins...

Notice we have an abundance of condiments, would it be wrong to make, say a condiment smoothie???

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Today was a wonderful day! Brad and I had so much fun. We hiked for about six hours straight and stopped only to have lunch, check out some animal foot prints, have a stick fight slash wrestling match, beat on some cactus' and for me to enjoy the senstation of climbing my first tree. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday as much as we did.

The Start of our Valentines Day Nature Escapade!

This tree looked alot bigger in person.

Only half way through the hike... but were feeling good and strong!

Do I look like I know what im doing? I dont I copied the guy below!

The true hiker! Doesnt he look like such a natural within his own element?

This took some manipulating. We had a tree holding the camera, this is the better of the three shots.

A tree stump I found that was abused by a beaver!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Who you gonna call...? I dunno but were calling MonsterQuest

Do you ever watch the show MonsterQuest? Well Brad and I do and we cannot help but think these people who claim that they have seen a weird monster creature, of some sort, are simply of their rockers!!! Either they are complete liars, they smoke a lil too much, or they are in desire need of some television time. Well that was what we thought until now. Just today we stumbled upon a creature of our own, and I can promise you Brad and I were not high and we are not attention seekers nor nasty little liars. This creature we speak of had hair like a beast, but more than one beast should ever have! It was the size of Teddy but looked ferocious. Fangs? No, no fangs instead a grand nose, the size and shape of a really huge marble, and it happened to be wearing glasses... Don't believe us, well when we first saw it we didn't believe it either, but now we will surely be calling MonsterQuest to get an ID on this weird and creepy beast! If you have small children, remove them from the room before you scroll down, it can surely become the cause of many nightmares! Good Luck!

For those of you who fear going out at night, let me ease your mind. The creature is hair! Yes I said it hair, all of the hair off Baggera and Koda combined. Brad and I have this fancy lil brush thing that grabs all the dead hair out of their coats and this was the product, well I added the glasses and nose for good fun! Maybe I should get a hobby...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding Update!

A new trendy idea in wedding planning has been brought to my attention. Apparently everyone and their grandma's are making wedding pages. In a nutshell its just a website that provides the guests with wedding information, gift registry and RSVP stuff. Its actually kinda cool and its fun so I am including a link if you want to check it out. I am also including the link in the Save the Dates that will be mailed out as soon as I get serious and start making them. I hope you enjoy the site!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poor Little Guy

For those of you who do not know Bradley and I have no children. I'm sure most of you already knew that but I say this so you understand just why our blog is filled with pictures of out dogs. The reason I begin with this form of clarification is because we have had yet another "doggy issue." Teddy's hair is hardly a problem, the Koda and Baggera thicker hair can be found all over our house, so I guess Fressia your right dog peoples' houses are nasty. But, Teddy has really fine hair and it is supposed to be like hypoallergenic (i think that is the word, or I just made a new one up for Webster). The only problem with his hair is that he gets to look a little frumpy. His hair has gotten so long that is parts directly down his back and makes him look kinda "creepy old man" with a hair part. So to solve this dilemma Brad thought we should cut his hair. I did and it looked awful. Like so bad I intended to hide him from the world until it grew back. Instead Brad thought shave him more; shave him so much more until he "accidentally" shaved too much he had a bald patch. Brads solution then was to practically rid Teddy of all his hair. What a convenient time considering it is not summer, but winter and its like a good 30-40 degrees out all day. I intended to stop the shaving process early enough to leave his tail all poofy, could you imagine a bald chihuahua type dog with a huge hairy tail? But Brad got to it before I could stress the importance of a poofy tail. So now Teddy has no hair, a curly pig tail, two sweaters because hes always shivering, and such an unhappy pathetic look on his face all day and its sad. So I hope you enjoy the look of the new Teddy because Brad loves it, while Teddy and I agree he looks rediculous.
Teddy when he was happy about life!

The effects of fighting with a lawn mower or getting cut by Mommy.

Teddy & his new sweater.

Can you see him shivering?

And a shot of us at Teddy's First Bithday slash Transformer Party, notice how he looked previous to Daddy buzzing him?


Friday, January 9, 2009

I have never been one to be on time!

If you haven’t realized just yet I have been lacking completely on my blogging. Nikki is like my blogging hero and manages, though she actually has a family with children, to get to her blogs so I figure I have no excuse. So let’s back track a bit very quickly. For Thanksgiving we went to New Jersey to visit Wes and Nikki and it was glorious. It was nice to be around our family, let’s not jump the gun, around Brad’s family and it was a great time. I like to think I mastered ping pong, when all I really did was have a good time tempting Nikki to curse a bit because I'd win and she’s feisty when I do. We all went to the city, which was amazing. I highly recommend central park, but don’t pick up rocks because they seem to be dangerous, ask Kyler. Also Bradley would like me to mention for that trip he drove the whole way and its like 25 hours. Next on this list is Christmas. For Christmas we went and saw family in Arizona and that was so splendid. I got to try on my wedding dress, for the second time in my life because my mother is holding it hostage and I also had my first appt. at my wedding venue. The meeting went poorly but after some mean honesty on my part and my mother showing up to handle business and kick some butt, all worked out swell. The worst part about the Christmas trip was being stuck in a car with Trevor, who had a tendency to toot the whole way. Lets not underestimate the length of time within a sealed truck with a fart smell... it was like 17 hours! So there is a holiday update. I promise I will stay on task in the near future.

Marley & Me... well Koda and us!

Mrs. Whitehead and I decided that Marley and Me was a must see. Owen Wilson is funny, Jennifer Anniston is awesome and what’s not to love about a destructive couch eating dog? This film is full of mans best friends doing things that no best friend should ever do like tearing up floors, jumping out car windows, and reeking havoc on all it comes in contact with. Though the movie started off well, I have to rate it about one of the worst movies ever made, in the whole history of movies! If you have seen the film you will know why and if u haven’t?... good luck with your attempt at not crying and the headache you get as a product of it. After the film ended and my tears left streaks in my makeup the day made a turn for the best; we went to Olive Garden. I know by now your thinking get to the point of the blog, and I promise you I will. So soon after the fettuccini began its digestion I get a call from Bradley. He starts off with "you know how people say my dog ate my homework? Well Koda actually ate your textbooks." The humorous part about this whole shenanigan is that NAU starts Monday and today is Friday and I have to buy my books online which takes up to fourteen days for delivery. So I literally bought textbooks for Koda to selfishly broaden her own horizons. Good thing I just watched a movie about the loyalty that "the worst dog ever" provides or else poo would have hit the fan. (FYI: that’s a nasty analogy)!

This is after the fact, I had to set her up for this shot.