Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding Update!

A new trendy idea in wedding planning has been brought to my attention. Apparently everyone and their grandma's are making wedding pages. In a nutshell its just a website that provides the guests with wedding information, gift registry and RSVP stuff. Its actually kinda cool and its fun so I am including a link if you want to check it out. I am also including the link in the Save the Dates that will be mailed out as soon as I get serious and start making them. I hope you enjoy the site!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poor Little Guy

For those of you who do not know Bradley and I have no children. I'm sure most of you already knew that but I say this so you understand just why our blog is filled with pictures of out dogs. The reason I begin with this form of clarification is because we have had yet another "doggy issue." Teddy's hair is hardly a problem, the Koda and Baggera thicker hair can be found all over our house, so I guess Fressia your right dog peoples' houses are nasty. But, Teddy has really fine hair and it is supposed to be like hypoallergenic (i think that is the word, or I just made a new one up for Webster). The only problem with his hair is that he gets to look a little frumpy. His hair has gotten so long that is parts directly down his back and makes him look kinda "creepy old man" with a hair part. So to solve this dilemma Brad thought we should cut his hair. I did and it looked awful. Like so bad I intended to hide him from the world until it grew back. Instead Brad thought shave him more; shave him so much more until he "accidentally" shaved too much he had a bald patch. Brads solution then was to practically rid Teddy of all his hair. What a convenient time considering it is not summer, but winter and its like a good 30-40 degrees out all day. I intended to stop the shaving process early enough to leave his tail all poofy, could you imagine a bald chihuahua type dog with a huge hairy tail? But Brad got to it before I could stress the importance of a poofy tail. So now Teddy has no hair, a curly pig tail, two sweaters because hes always shivering, and such an unhappy pathetic look on his face all day and its sad. So I hope you enjoy the look of the new Teddy because Brad loves it, while Teddy and I agree he looks rediculous.
Teddy when he was happy about life!

The effects of fighting with a lawn mower or getting cut by Mommy.

Teddy & his new sweater.

Can you see him shivering?

And a shot of us at Teddy's First Bithday slash Transformer Party, notice how he looked previous to Daddy buzzing him?


Friday, January 9, 2009

I have never been one to be on time!

If you haven’t realized just yet I have been lacking completely on my blogging. Nikki is like my blogging hero and manages, though she actually has a family with children, to get to her blogs so I figure I have no excuse. So let’s back track a bit very quickly. For Thanksgiving we went to New Jersey to visit Wes and Nikki and it was glorious. It was nice to be around our family, let’s not jump the gun, around Brad’s family and it was a great time. I like to think I mastered ping pong, when all I really did was have a good time tempting Nikki to curse a bit because I'd win and she’s feisty when I do. We all went to the city, which was amazing. I highly recommend central park, but don’t pick up rocks because they seem to be dangerous, ask Kyler. Also Bradley would like me to mention for that trip he drove the whole way and its like 25 hours. Next on this list is Christmas. For Christmas we went and saw family in Arizona and that was so splendid. I got to try on my wedding dress, for the second time in my life because my mother is holding it hostage and I also had my first appt. at my wedding venue. The meeting went poorly but after some mean honesty on my part and my mother showing up to handle business and kick some butt, all worked out swell. The worst part about the Christmas trip was being stuck in a car with Trevor, who had a tendency to toot the whole way. Lets not underestimate the length of time within a sealed truck with a fart smell... it was like 17 hours! So there is a holiday update. I promise I will stay on task in the near future.

Marley & Me... well Koda and us!

Mrs. Whitehead and I decided that Marley and Me was a must see. Owen Wilson is funny, Jennifer Anniston is awesome and what’s not to love about a destructive couch eating dog? This film is full of mans best friends doing things that no best friend should ever do like tearing up floors, jumping out car windows, and reeking havoc on all it comes in contact with. Though the movie started off well, I have to rate it about one of the worst movies ever made, in the whole history of movies! If you have seen the film you will know why and if u haven’t?... good luck with your attempt at not crying and the headache you get as a product of it. After the film ended and my tears left streaks in my makeup the day made a turn for the best; we went to Olive Garden. I know by now your thinking get to the point of the blog, and I promise you I will. So soon after the fettuccini began its digestion I get a call from Bradley. He starts off with "you know how people say my dog ate my homework? Well Koda actually ate your textbooks." The humorous part about this whole shenanigan is that NAU starts Monday and today is Friday and I have to buy my books online which takes up to fourteen days for delivery. So I literally bought textbooks for Koda to selfishly broaden her own horizons. Good thing I just watched a movie about the loyalty that "the worst dog ever" provides or else poo would have hit the fan. (FYI: that’s a nasty analogy)!

This is after the fact, I had to set her up for this shot.