Friday, January 9, 2009

Marley & Me... well Koda and us!

Mrs. Whitehead and I decided that Marley and Me was a must see. Owen Wilson is funny, Jennifer Anniston is awesome and what’s not to love about a destructive couch eating dog? This film is full of mans best friends doing things that no best friend should ever do like tearing up floors, jumping out car windows, and reeking havoc on all it comes in contact with. Though the movie started off well, I have to rate it about one of the worst movies ever made, in the whole history of movies! If you have seen the film you will know why and if u haven’t?... good luck with your attempt at not crying and the headache you get as a product of it. After the film ended and my tears left streaks in my makeup the day made a turn for the best; we went to Olive Garden. I know by now your thinking get to the point of the blog, and I promise you I will. So soon after the fettuccini began its digestion I get a call from Bradley. He starts off with "you know how people say my dog ate my homework? Well Koda actually ate your textbooks." The humorous part about this whole shenanigan is that NAU starts Monday and today is Friday and I have to buy my books online which takes up to fourteen days for delivery. So I literally bought textbooks for Koda to selfishly broaden her own horizons. Good thing I just watched a movie about the loyalty that "the worst dog ever" provides or else poo would have hit the fan. (FYI: that’s a nasty analogy)!

This is after the fact, I had to set her up for this shot.


Nikki said...

I love that you had to set up the shot! You are so funny! I can't believe how big that dog is already! I sure miss you guys a ton!

Fressia said...

I didn't cry in that movie... I loved it! What was sad?

Brad and Jamee said...

Fressia this is a sure sign that you are missing something when it comes to dogs. Marley dies... he dies... what ever is wrong that you did not cry. I cried, like almost outloud. You are so funny, your like "What was sad?" um I dunno Fressia HE DIES!!!!!