Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poor Little Guy

For those of you who do not know Bradley and I have no children. I'm sure most of you already knew that but I say this so you understand just why our blog is filled with pictures of out dogs. The reason I begin with this form of clarification is because we have had yet another "doggy issue." Teddy's hair is hardly a problem, the Koda and Baggera thicker hair can be found all over our house, so I guess Fressia your right dog peoples' houses are nasty. But, Teddy has really fine hair and it is supposed to be like hypoallergenic (i think that is the word, or I just made a new one up for Webster). The only problem with his hair is that he gets to look a little frumpy. His hair has gotten so long that is parts directly down his back and makes him look kinda "creepy old man" with a hair part. So to solve this dilemma Brad thought we should cut his hair. I did and it looked awful. Like so bad I intended to hide him from the world until it grew back. Instead Brad thought shave him more; shave him so much more until he "accidentally" shaved too much he had a bald patch. Brads solution then was to practically rid Teddy of all his hair. What a convenient time considering it is not summer, but winter and its like a good 30-40 degrees out all day. I intended to stop the shaving process early enough to leave his tail all poofy, could you imagine a bald chihuahua type dog with a huge hairy tail? But Brad got to it before I could stress the importance of a poofy tail. So now Teddy has no hair, a curly pig tail, two sweaters because hes always shivering, and such an unhappy pathetic look on his face all day and its sad. So I hope you enjoy the look of the new Teddy because Brad loves it, while Teddy and I agree he looks rediculous.
Teddy when he was happy about life!

The effects of fighting with a lawn mower or getting cut by Mommy.

Teddy & his new sweater.

Can you see him shivering?

And a shot of us at Teddy's First Bithday slash Transformer Party, notice how he looked previous to Daddy buzzing him?



Nikki said...

Ok, I totally can't stop laughing! My eyes are totally watering! That is the funniest thing I have seen in a VERY long time! Thanks for posting it!

Brittany said...

Bra'lley... Jamee... wudda we know?!?!? haha. You know, Ive been going back and forth for weeks trying to not buzz Bostyn's head, its all just so uneven and scraggly. But thanks to this... She'll keep her frumpy hair.

Fressia said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That is hilarious - I don't even know what kind of animal Teddy looks like now! My first thought was Chipmunk... You know how much I love little dogs, and surprisingly, I almost (ALMOST) feel sorry for Teddy. Totally loved the post JamEE.