Friday, February 27, 2009

Poor Little Park Bench Sitting Grannys

I wonder today if you happened to notice that something fishy was going about? Did you happen to notice that all the birds that usually reside around your house were gone? Do you think the beaches were suddenly seagull free? Can we assume that all the grannys sitting in the park waiting to feed the birds felt a little disappointed?

Well being the versatile student that I am, let me assist you with a prognosis (medical student? no but I try)... So where exactly were all the birds you ask? Well at our house of course... literally thousands upon thousands were sitting in the trees surrounding our house and swooping about searching for food... do you think the poor economy has affected their food source as well (See next blog)?
(Enlarge to get the full affect)

The Value of One Measly Dollar

Let me update you with Brad and my current situation: we are living a life of poverty. For those of you who are not lucky enough to get to experience such a life I will hook you up with some information. Lets start at the beginning, our new way of life is complete with a title and its called "unemployed household". As of now its working out pretty well for us, I mean we get to spend hours upon hours together, we get to go on a special "diet" and we read in a room full of the light provided by one light bulb, or an oil lantern much like Benjamin Franklin's. I mean what is not to love about eating, everyday and sometimes twice a day, hot dogs and macaroni? The other day we enjoyed a delicacy called fish sticks and PB&J's on Ritz crackers. For those of you who are in the process of currently filling out a personal check with our names on it, just settle down. This is fun for us. Its kind of like a new twist on camping. We have pinky promised to avoid the grocery store until all the junk hidden in the back the of cupboards gets eaten, or at least sneakily thrown away. Below I have included a picture of some pathetic items from our cupboards and a shot of our bare fridge. Don't be alarmed we have a few frozen items that I'm withholding from sight. Well I have to go now because blogging simply uses too much energy and folks that's not exactly free of charge. If you don't hear from us soon its because our phones have been shut off! Live long and prosperous...

This wouldnt be too bad if we had the mayo to put with tuna, some bread for the peanut butter, some salad for the dressing and one egg to make muffins...

Notice we have an abundance of condiments, would it be wrong to make, say a condiment smoothie???

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Today was a wonderful day! Brad and I had so much fun. We hiked for about six hours straight and stopped only to have lunch, check out some animal foot prints, have a stick fight slash wrestling match, beat on some cactus' and for me to enjoy the senstation of climbing my first tree. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday as much as we did.

The Start of our Valentines Day Nature Escapade!

This tree looked alot bigger in person.

Only half way through the hike... but were feeling good and strong!

Do I look like I know what im doing? I dont I copied the guy below!

The true hiker! Doesnt he look like such a natural within his own element?

This took some manipulating. We had a tree holding the camera, this is the better of the three shots.

A tree stump I found that was abused by a beaver!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Who you gonna call...? I dunno but were calling MonsterQuest

Do you ever watch the show MonsterQuest? Well Brad and I do and we cannot help but think these people who claim that they have seen a weird monster creature, of some sort, are simply of their rockers!!! Either they are complete liars, they smoke a lil too much, or they are in desire need of some television time. Well that was what we thought until now. Just today we stumbled upon a creature of our own, and I can promise you Brad and I were not high and we are not attention seekers nor nasty little liars. This creature we speak of had hair like a beast, but more than one beast should ever have! It was the size of Teddy but looked ferocious. Fangs? No, no fangs instead a grand nose, the size and shape of a really huge marble, and it happened to be wearing glasses... Don't believe us, well when we first saw it we didn't believe it either, but now we will surely be calling MonsterQuest to get an ID on this weird and creepy beast! If you have small children, remove them from the room before you scroll down, it can surely become the cause of many nightmares! Good Luck!

For those of you who fear going out at night, let me ease your mind. The creature is hair! Yes I said it hair, all of the hair off Baggera and Koda combined. Brad and I have this fancy lil brush thing that grabs all the dead hair out of their coats and this was the product, well I added the glasses and nose for good fun! Maybe I should get a hobby...