Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GoodBye Best Fiance Ever & Welcome Lamest Fiance On Earth!!!!

Man oh Man! Let us say, for the stories sake, that you could have the worst day ever, what would that incorporate? Maybe your house is caught on fire and possibly someone you know is stuck inside, and maybe that someone you know was actually inside your house because they broke in with the intent to steal all your valuables and sell them on ebay for double what you paid for them! Would that day qualify as a "bad day"? I would say so, but what if we could claim today was an even worse day for me because... I forgot Brads birthday!!!! There I said it! I forgot!!!!! Whats even worse about it all is that we just celebrated the day of his birth early to insure his father was present for the celebration. So technically I remembered, thanks to his mother, and turned around and forgot again. I have the attention span of a goldfish apparently! I know what your thinking... isn't it even worse for Brad that you Jamee forgot about him and the day his mother gave birth to him? No, I say because hes a man who simply doesn't care about being older or celebrating this special day, he only cares that he has one up on me for the rest of my life! On one very special day that we will share, I will wait around and wonder if has forgotten the holiday (any holiday pick one, birthday, anniversary... OH NO CHRISTMAS???), and he will simply have the luxury to say "I forgot and I don't care that I forgot, and because you forgot my birthday, you cant care that I forgot either"...

So here right now, in the very chair that I sit at during work hours (sorry boss) I have come to terms with two things:
1. I am not the fiance that I pride myself on and tell others that I am, instead I am a "no happy birthday" giving girlfriend until around noon!
2. One day I will wait around for a gift that is never coming!!!!

I just turned this sad circumstance into a poor Jamee moment, when in reality its Brads birthday!!! Yep bloggerworld that just happened!


Nikki said...

I will remember from now on to remind you!! I can't believe you forgot! What a loser! Hahaha! I can just see Brad's reaction! He is so much like Wes - he really is going to hold this over your head forever!

Brittany said...

Jamee Jamee Jamee.... That's when you say "APRIL FOOLS ! I just WANTED you to think I forgot..."