Saturday, May 16, 2009

Karma Bites Back Twice As Hard

I just want to run down a short list of apologies...
Im sorry old man who I may have cut off the other day because, as it seemed then, your Buick didnt have the option to speed up at all past 45 on the freeway.
Im sorry customer that I got a little cranky with you because you happened to request a phone with every fancy gadget and jingle capability but desired it free of charge.
Im sorry fifth grade teacher that I hit that one boy with a chair, because it was my way of showing him that I like him.
Im sorry to all of society that I happened to have laughed way too hard at a silly joke and may, or may not have, disrupted your dinner or movie...
(this could go on for days)

Im just really sorry to the world because as it seems, I may be in for some serious Karma! I have had some pretty bad luck lately and it's as if I am getting paid back for many of things I did that were either rude, ignorant or just stupid.
This past month you may know from my previous blog, that I have visited the hospital. In addition to that Baggera was hit with a dually by her own daddy, Teddy Ruxpin was admitted to the docotrs for a puncture wound that resulted in an infection and an operation by Brad that involved a two inch thorn and an Exacto knife. Then Bradley became the owner of a so sad case of poison oak or ivy, and last but surely not least Koda got bit by a copper head snake the other day!

I just wish I knew what I did, so I could pay my duty back to society and come back into contact with my regularly supplied good luck!

Friday, May 8, 2009

You Dont Wanna See Pictures, I Promise!

I have a little something to say. Some of you may think its obnoxious, some may want to battle me and insist that I'm inaccurately stating information that I cannot prove, and others are simply going to ignore me and my minor outburst and that's okay. What I want to say, and do not take this lightly, but I am sorry to all you ladies in the world, married or un-married, because I am currently the significant other of the Whole World's Greatest Man, yep he's a WWGM. Ironic that my previous post explained that I suck as far as fiance'ism?? Ponder that later, lets get back to this: I Love Bradley!
I have been majorly sick for the past few days, and I mean Emergency Room, Doctors Visit, tail-bone infection thing, puking up my goodies and the whole nine yards. I will save you the gory details if you understand the intensity of the issue. Anyhow I was sick and Bradley took such awesome care of me. I have always felt that a persons colors show up the brightest when they are tossed into unexpected catastrophic events... I puked in a bowl repeatedly and he turned around and cleaned it, many times... that to me, and I'm sure to him, was catastrophic!
So one more time, I wanna shout it from the rooftops...

Also as a side note, but no less important then my previous statement, Mrs. Whitehead is utterly amazing as well. She picked me up from work, when I couldn't get ahold of Brad, and brought me over some crackers and those little awesome Apple Juice Boxes that I'm extremely keen on and they always seem to make me smile. I still have not figured out why I love those JuiceBoxes so much, could it be the delicious tasting juice that resides just inside those little boxey walls, or could it be that drinking from a straw and doing a little squeezy squeeze action every minute or so just makes me feel little again? No Matter what I love about the juice in a box, my real appreciation is for Mom; Thank you, Your the Bestest!