Friday, June 19, 2009

When The Cats Away...

With Brad out of town, my schedule has cleared up ALOT lately! I have found myself faced with some serious amounts of alone time and without the presence of another human being. Of course I go to work, but once I clock on out of there I am immediately on my own for what becomes the duration of the night. Let me share with you what I (the little mouse) occupied my time with while the poor kitty (brad) was away...

First and foremost FOOD! I am not lying when I say I filled my belly, almost all fourteen days, with yummy delectable nachos... (consuming over 3 bags worth of chips and equally over 42 oz of goodness and totaling over 5,500 calories that I don't regret at all)

Then I made sure to arm myself with a little friend I like to call "get out of my house or your gonna die" (aka. Brads gun)...! Do I even have to mention what a great shot I am? because I will mention it.

Of course I also became awfully close to Mr. Dyson; don't be alarmed hes not the neighbor's husband, the FedEx man or even the pool guy (which would be awkward because we lack a pool altogether) but instead our Dyson vacuum. With many restless nights clear of responsibilities, I resorted to cleaning the house strictly out of boredom.

Must you even ask? Of course I NetFlixed. Almost obsessively...

Then there was Baggera. I taught her old butt to do a partial rollover. We attempted paw for a good half a week but her stubborn self saw no delight nor pleasure in simply shaking hands with me... so we resorted to rolling over just enough to receive a belly rub with my toes. Isn't she excited?

SLEEP! Usually from 12:00 to 9:00 and alot more during the weekends. As you can see in the picture below, someone else found enjoyment in my laziness.

And Lastly, I released my inner "hippie slash woodstock'ish meets Johnny Cash" and strummed on ol' Betsy BlueRidge.

All in all: a productive two weeks! The only thing that's greater then the level of things I accomplished while Brad was away, is how much I miss my better half! I cannot wait for him to be back home with me and our little family! I miss you SVEETIE!!!

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Brittany said...

OH Jamee... I love me some of your uniqueness. I wish I could have been there while you pose with the vacuum or wolf down 55 thousand million calories. (I really wish I was there for the wolfing down part tho)