Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lets Break It In

For Christmas Mom and Dad got us a magnificent bicycle trailer for our little one and today was such a beautiful day we wanted to break it in. But then came the bad news... in an attempt at keeping this blog free of Negative Nancy I found a Good News as well, lets start there...

Good News: it can handle a weight capacity of 100 pounds for when our little guy starts to bulk up.
Bad News: the age limit for this little joy on wheels starts at age one year because of the lack of body support for younger children.

Was this going to hold us back, you ask???
Not when your husband can not only fix most things he breaks, lucky for me he can also customize most things to fit our lifestyle. Brads personal customization for this project included sticking Khage's car seat right into the trailer... and Wah-lah you have a newborn baby trekking it behind his bicycle riding mama.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I now have a baby!

(Please forgive me and my tardiness in regards to this post; I have never been one to be on time.)

When I finally sat down to write this post I almost didn’t, all because I am a few weeks late. Then I thought about the type of parent I would be if I didn’t announce the birth of my baby and how one day Khage would Google his mother and this blog would pop up and no where would he find any post about his birth. Could you imagine how potentially harmful that could be? That could compel him to one day stop celebrating Mothers Day, or it may cause him to dislike women so much he ends up never married with his closest friends being his seven cats.

Farfetched? Maybe… anyway here it goes:

I am so excited to be a Mother. Someone’s Mama. Khage’s Mommy, or his “Mutti” (in German if you must know). And I never knew I could love someone so much... even though he pees on me just about every other day.

But with this face how could you not?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Khage Roland Whitehead

I am so excited to say that Bradley and I are having a BOY.

He's nineteen weeks old and the doctors say everything looks great.

He is about the size of a bell pepper.

We both crave Carls Jr. like its no buddies business...

At our last appointment we spent an hour and a half trying to get him to move around for a decent shot of his face... I still don't have one.

He is not affected by Orange Juice like most babies are.

I have officially gained five pounds and cannot wait to gain more to prove to the world that I am in fact pregnant and not just FAT.

Once we found out this baby is a boy, we both agreed it's mine... see post below.

I am now so excited for the future trip to LegoLand!!!

So far we have gathered this much about our son:
he has big feet for his his little size... very interesting considering Grandma Shaw has skies for feet.
He punches me every evening around five'ish and randomly again from eight until I fall asleep.
He hates for anything to be sitting on him including the laptop right now.
Due to our inability to get him to show us his face he may either be incredibly mellow or stubborn as heck... so much like his father or much like his Auntie Fressia.
His current position is upside down... which is so cute because Dad likes to hang upside down to relieve his back pain.

So far I have yet to meet my Little Main Man but I am so inlove with him... I cannot wait until November 30th.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who will get to be the favorite?

As I am seventeen weeks and rolling right on into eighteen weeks and I am preparing myself for the final say of whether this child will be mine or Brads. Of course we will share full custody and the child will love us equally, but we have to face the fact that depending on whether its a boy or girl, one of us will get to call this child mine more then the other can. All girls adore their fathers and all boys are little mama boys, so I really hope this child is mine (aka a boy) because I want to be the favorite parent. Maybe that's kind of immature, and maybe I will be thoroughly surprised one day when our son likes Brad more... but its my first baby and I want it to cry and need my greedy little self. The bad news is I cannot decide for the life of me which one I really think it is, here is why:

The Chinese birth chart says I am (and when I say I am I mean we are) due for a son.

The pencil and yarn trick also agree a boy is in our future. In fact it read BOY, BOY, then finally a GIRL.

I really want to name our daughter Harlyn Mae and I wanna steal it before it becomes one of those popular names that everyone is slapping on their daughters...

I am so excited to name our son Khage Roland and just today a coworker of mine swears she heard a mother yelling at her son "Khage" to stop running by the pool.

I keep having dreams about having a son which leads me to believe that my mind is playing an awful trick on me and I surely have to be having a daughter.

I have already purchased a few items and as much as I want them to work for a girl, they are way too boyish to deny.

I want to go to Lego Land really bad, and if we get blessed with a daughter she may prefer DisneyLand over the Land of Legos. (Doesn't actually apply here but I thought I would throw it in anyway)

People keep saying based on the way that I am carrying and my pregnancy glow... it must be a boy.

Every time I walk into a baby store I am drawn to pink little frilly numbers and maybe its one of those galaxy magnetic pulls or something...

What do you think? Maybe I could always just go to our ultrasound appointment next week and have a professional tell me and be done with these childish games.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I never thought I would say this...

but I'm trading this:

For this:


For this:

And these:

For this:

Lets just hope they dont notice!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Move it down already...

Just to save everyone from having to stare at Teddy's booty in a diaper, I am posting nothing about nothing to move it on down already. Expect to hear something coming from this way very soon... so ya'll be sure to come back now you hear.

Oh and I thought this was so darn cute, I laughed about it for minutes.