Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who will get to be the favorite?

As I am seventeen weeks and rolling right on into eighteen weeks and I am preparing myself for the final say of whether this child will be mine or Brads. Of course we will share full custody and the child will love us equally, but we have to face the fact that depending on whether its a boy or girl, one of us will get to call this child mine more then the other can. All girls adore their fathers and all boys are little mama boys, so I really hope this child is mine (aka a boy) because I want to be the favorite parent. Maybe that's kind of immature, and maybe I will be thoroughly surprised one day when our son likes Brad more... but its my first baby and I want it to cry and need my greedy little self. The bad news is I cannot decide for the life of me which one I really think it is, here is why:

The Chinese birth chart says I am (and when I say I am I mean we are) due for a son.

The pencil and yarn trick also agree a boy is in our future. In fact it read BOY, BOY, then finally a GIRL.

I really want to name our daughter Harlyn Mae and I wanna steal it before it becomes one of those popular names that everyone is slapping on their daughters...

I am so excited to name our son Khage Roland and just today a coworker of mine swears she heard a mother yelling at her son "Khage" to stop running by the pool.

I keep having dreams about having a son which leads me to believe that my mind is playing an awful trick on me and I surely have to be having a daughter.

I have already purchased a few items and as much as I want them to work for a girl, they are way too boyish to deny.

I want to go to Lego Land really bad, and if we get blessed with a daughter she may prefer DisneyLand over the Land of Legos. (Doesn't actually apply here but I thought I would throw it in anyway)

People keep saying based on the way that I am carrying and my pregnancy glow... it must be a boy.

Every time I walk into a baby store I am drawn to pink little frilly numbers and maybe its one of those galaxy magnetic pulls or something...

What do you think? Maybe I could always just go to our ultrasound appointment next week and have a professional tell me and be done with these childish games.

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Brittany said...

I definently vote on a proffesional. I need to KNOW!!!

I had dreams of a boy all the time with Bostyn, then I had a girl. So I don't necessarily think that thats accurate, I just think you will dream about what you want most. My reasoning with this is with Kanon I didnt really care for a boy or girl, I honestly felt either would be perfect (little sister for Bos to be close with) (or little brother cuz that would be something new for us) but I was honestly indifferent, and I didnt dream about either. Whereas I dreamed of boys with Bostyn because that is what Jason and I wanted first.

The chinese chart has been accurate on both of mine, and MANY other people I hear of.

OH, and last, I think no matter what you have you will be the favorite. Brad is more of a disciplinarian, where you are more of the ... other type. Bahaha...

Love you guys!