Sunday, July 4, 2010

Khage Roland Whitehead

I am so excited to say that Bradley and I are having a BOY.

He's nineteen weeks old and the doctors say everything looks great.

He is about the size of a bell pepper.

We both crave Carls Jr. like its no buddies business...

At our last appointment we spent an hour and a half trying to get him to move around for a decent shot of his face... I still don't have one.

He is not affected by Orange Juice like most babies are.

I have officially gained five pounds and cannot wait to gain more to prove to the world that I am in fact pregnant and not just FAT.

Once we found out this baby is a boy, we both agreed it's mine... see post below.

I am now so excited for the future trip to LegoLand!!!

So far we have gathered this much about our son:
he has big feet for his his little size... very interesting considering Grandma Shaw has skies for feet.
He punches me every evening around five'ish and randomly again from eight until I fall asleep.
He hates for anything to be sitting on him including the laptop right now.
Due to our inability to get him to show us his face he may either be incredibly mellow or stubborn as heck... so much like his father or much like his Auntie Fressia.
His current position is upside down... which is so cute because Dad likes to hang upside down to relieve his back pain.

So far I have yet to meet my Little Main Man but I am so inlove with him... I cannot wait until November 30th.

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Heidi said...

Congratulations Jamee, I'm soo excited for you two!! He's going to be a cutie that's for sure!!!