Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lets Break It In

For Christmas Mom and Dad got us a magnificent bicycle trailer for our little one and today was such a beautiful day we wanted to break it in. But then came the bad news... in an attempt at keeping this blog free of Negative Nancy I found a Good News as well, lets start there...

Good News: it can handle a weight capacity of 100 pounds for when our little guy starts to bulk up.
Bad News: the age limit for this little joy on wheels starts at age one year because of the lack of body support for younger children.

Was this going to hold us back, you ask???
Not when your husband can not only fix most things he breaks, lucky for me he can also customize most things to fit our lifestyle. Brads personal customization for this project included sticking Khage's car seat right into the trailer... and Wah-lah you have a newborn baby trekking it behind his bicycle riding mama.


Brittany said...

Thats what I did. That what I told Brad to do when he called me. Lets pay credit where credit is due. Sheesh. Next time I might tell him to figure it out on his own since he's obviously the genius on this types of things.

Brad and Jamee said...

I'm sorry Brittany, I am ashamed of my husband who tried to pass your wondrous ideas off as his own. Let me tell you he will be getting a good stern talking to.