Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Months Young

Who told my little scoundrel he could grow up?

A few special facts about out little baguette:
he is almost thirteen pounds
often times he will soak yours, or his own shirt, because of his drooling
he has mastered getting both fists partially into his mouth at once
he smiles just like his Daddy
he teased me and slept through the night one time
he hates to be cradled like a baby
he and I are getting addicted to putting him to sleep with pacifiers
(above is in the process of being stopped)
he gets a real kick out of bouncing on my knees like a horsey
his favorite song that I sing is "Getting to Know You" from the King & I
he screamed, like I have never heard, after his 2 month shots
his feet always stink
everyone says his head also stinks
(I disagree)
his hair is getting so long that Daddy is itching to cut it
(I refuse to let him)
he is obsessed with sticking his tongue out of his mouth
(a habit that I hope he breaks before kindergarten)
we are so thankful we get to call him ours.

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