Sunday, March 20, 2011

The One that Got Away.

Because Bradley and I didn't plan this move very well we were forced to leave behind some of Khage's everyday entertainment. Because of the amount of room they take up in a car his swing, bumbo, play gym and all of his toys got left in storage.

(It saddens me to think that if a Toy Story like world does exist all of his things are left sad and lonely in the storage unit dealing with their recent abandonment and may or may not be in search of us right now.)

Aside from the pathetic lives his toys now live, we are living with a three month old who had grown very accustomed to being entertained by all of these play items. Because we are not total loser parents we did manage to take a single fun item with us... his bouncer. All I can say is thank goodness he loves this thing.

On a sidenote: Khage is still too short to actually fit this thing properly, so we made a minor adjustment and now he can bounce all day long. Well by CPS standards we couldn't allow him to bounce in it all day long, but he sure does make it hard to want to take him out because he is so happy in it.


Brittany said...

I LOVE those last few pictures. Serioulsy.

Brad and Jamee said...

Aren't his little toes so darn cute...? I could take pictures of them all day. oh and I clipped his finger nails today for the first time. I figured I could overnight him to you and have you ship him back to me with freshly trimmed nails and all, but that idea was just getting too expensive so I clipped away.

melis03 said...

Oh how I miss that little face of his. Loving the last picture sister....seriously if you entered it into a contest it would surly win. And if it does you can send the winnings to my home address 4242 e. Windro.......jk sister. But seriously I'm missing you guys. Love ya. Back to watching Due is gonna be super hi•la•ri•ous. Lol