Monday, March 14, 2011

A Quarter of a Year Old.

A few special facts about out little baguette:
He remains to be the biggest baby drooler I have ever met
A few of his nicknames includes: Punkin Butt, Gooby Goob, & Hooch
He just started grabbing for toys
Every dirty diaper contains at least one skiddy mark
I cannot keep his hands out of his mouth long enough to snap a decent picture
When hes feisty, being sang to calms him down 90% of the time
The biggest grin of the day happens the second he wakes up
Still hates car rides
Once he stands up it is quite the effort trying to get his legs to bend back to the sitting position
Fake coughs for attention
We finally cut his hair
(And I am sorry we did it)
Falls asleep best lying down by himself
(And I hate it)
He giggles out loud
(And I love it)
We couldn't adore this baby anymore then we do today.

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