Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today he looked like this

And it made this mama smile.
All because I love to see my little big boy in overalls.
I look forward to the day that Khage runs around in a raggedy old pair with holes in the knees, patches on the butt, and dirt in his pockets.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


His new little scheme involves the trusty ol'bumbo. This little dude has never sat in this baby seat properly. He is always hanging over the side with one leg tucked into the chair and other one sticking out far enough that he can skim the surface of the counter or floor. Well now that he wants his greedy little hands on everything, he has taught his little conniving self to scoot across the counter in hot pursuit of some goods. The goods being anything out of reach that he knows he shouldn't have, I figure this because his toy can be sitting next to him and he doesn't bother risking his life for something age appropriate.

After I placed him in the bumbo in the middle of the counter, I started to notice that he kept getting closer and closer to the edge and farther away from his rattle. So for all you other mommies who are housing little ones capable of such trickery, be sure your bumbo sits on the floor where the most damage that can be done is the consumption of dog hair.

I am just thankful so far that I am one step ahead of this future delinquent.

One Third of a Year Old

A few special facts about out little baguette:
Sometimes we can hear him giggling from the backseat of the car
If we let him sleep in our bed he rewards us with an extra hour of sleep
He clenches his jaw when he gets mad
Watching Teddy makes him laughs
When we get water in his face or accidentally dunk him in the bath he never cries over it
His baby noises sound like he's saying Dada
He stares at big people food like we never feed him
He loves to be thrown up in the air
When hes hungry hes starving and he lets us know
Has a blow out just about everyday
He laughs out loud when daddy tickles him with his beard
Most of the day is spent with a smile on his face
He never cries when we take something away from him except for his food
(That he gets from me)
He loves to watch fire
(That he gets from Daddy)
We couldn't imagine a single day without getting to see his smiley face.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

G is for Grin.

Gooby is up to some new tricks. He's really working hard to work us over. He has this new little grin and it is outta this world with cuteness. Brad and I are putting in some serious amounts of overtime trying to get this kid to show us this smile as often as possible ...

By the way, can it be said too much how fun being a parent is?
I am truly enjoying all {most} moments of it. Its like hanging out with your best friend, who happens to be a midget, all day long.... and they laugh at all your jokes and love your silly made-up words. But on the down side, your midget friend demands that you carry him up two flights of stairs more then twice a day. Now that I think about it, I cant wait for my midget to be walking... or at least standing on his own so I can put him down to take breather breaks.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Look Mom, I'm a Real Boy.

In our eyes, Khage is finally becoming a real little person. Since he was born he has been our little baby, our little baby that cries, poops, then repeats. But now he is finally seeing things he didn't before and wanting to touch things to find out what they are.

It all started last week around 2 in the morning. I woke up to a scratching noise that was coming from his pack n play... with my vision being kinda blurry (again I remind you it was two in the morning) all I could see was him in there playing contently, so I wasn't going to ask questions.

The following day and every time since then he has continued to make this noise, sometimes as long as thirty minutes. Come to find out its him in there scratching away at the side of the pack n play. For reasons all his own he prefers to do this after a nap vs. crying to be taken out. I loved him as a wee lil' baby but boy do I adore him even more now that he's getting his weird little personality.

(Ignore my crummy camera work... I tried to be cool and do some zooming action)