Saturday, April 16, 2011


His new little scheme involves the trusty ol'bumbo. This little dude has never sat in this baby seat properly. He is always hanging over the side with one leg tucked into the chair and other one sticking out far enough that he can skim the surface of the counter or floor. Well now that he wants his greedy little hands on everything, he has taught his little conniving self to scoot across the counter in hot pursuit of some goods. The goods being anything out of reach that he knows he shouldn't have, I figure this because his toy can be sitting next to him and he doesn't bother risking his life for something age appropriate.

After I placed him in the bumbo in the middle of the counter, I started to notice that he kept getting closer and closer to the edge and farther away from his rattle. So for all you other mommies who are housing little ones capable of such trickery, be sure your bumbo sits on the floor where the most damage that can be done is the consumption of dog hair.

I am just thankful so far that I am one step ahead of this future delinquent.

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