Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Third of a Year Old

A few special facts about out little baguette:
Sometimes we can hear him giggling from the backseat of the car
If we let him sleep in our bed he rewards us with an extra hour of sleep
He clenches his jaw when he gets mad
Watching Teddy makes him laughs
When we get water in his face or accidentally dunk him in the bath he never cries over it
His baby noises sound like he's saying Dada
He stares at big people food like we never feed him
He loves to be thrown up in the air
When hes hungry hes starving and he lets us know
Has a blow out just about everyday
He laughs out loud when daddy tickles him with his beard
Most of the day is spent with a smile on his face
He never cries when we take something away from him except for his food
(That he gets from me)
He loves to watch fire
(That he gets from Daddy)
We couldn't imagine a single day without getting to see his smiley face.