Monday, April 4, 2011

Look Mom, I'm a Real Boy.

In our eyes, Khage is finally becoming a real little person. Since he was born he has been our little baby, our little baby that cries, poops, then repeats. But now he is finally seeing things he didn't before and wanting to touch things to find out what they are.

It all started last week around 2 in the morning. I woke up to a scratching noise that was coming from his pack n play... with my vision being kinda blurry (again I remind you it was two in the morning) all I could see was him in there playing contently, so I wasn't going to ask questions.

The following day and every time since then he has continued to make this noise, sometimes as long as thirty minutes. Come to find out its him in there scratching away at the side of the pack n play. For reasons all his own he prefers to do this after a nap vs. crying to be taken out. I loved him as a wee lil' baby but boy do I adore him even more now that he's getting his weird little personality.

(Ignore my crummy camera work... I tried to be cool and do some zooming action)

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Nikki said...

Pretty darn cute! It was only creepy when Brad did it! :)