Monday, May 23, 2011


A few special facts about out little baguette:
He headbangs whenever hes tired and cant fall asleep
He can't cry without coughing
Loves the skiddy rumpus song ("skiddy rumpus" sang to the tune of chitty chitty bang bang)
He hated bananas but loved him some carrots
He still "rakes" everything with his fingers
At his last doctors appointment the doctor called him "a perfect little specimen"
If his toy has a tag on it he will always chew that instead of the toy
Smashes his face into the carpet and pushes with his legs to "nudge" from one place to another
Always wakes up with boogies in his nose
Loves to pull hair (mommies and even his own)
Has two perfect little baby teeth
Has the cutest tiny birthmark on his left knee
Thinks its funny when we {softly} hit him on the head
(so we cannot stop doing that)
Still hates car rides
(And we have finally accepted that)
Loves to play with power cords
(And were trying to break that)
He has succeeded in making us the happiest and proudest parents ever.

Friday, May 20, 2011

{Finally Friday}

All too often during the week I find myself saying finally.
Here are a few of those thoughts on a day like friday, that ironically finally is here.

Finally the old apartment is empty, cleaned and waiting to be given to some other poor saps who might enjoy a nutty drunk neighbor and an upstairs Jamaican who may or may not enjoy moving furniture at three in the morning.
Finally I listened to my mother and sister when they told me to buy ground turkey instead of ground beef.
Finally our dogs are here enjoying the grass and running space and no longer diggin trenches of escape at my MIL's.
Finally after project number 17 I don't feel scared of piercing my own fingers when I am sewing with the sewing machine.
Finally one of my "special ingredients" actually worked out and made the dish... instead of ruining it.
Finally Sam Malone is thinking of dumping Diane (think Cheers).
Finally after more then four months, five phone calls, and five very hard to understand debates we got our rebate back from Sprint.
Finally the Playstation Network is back up and I can Netflix with ease.
Finally the weekend is here and I can get in some quality time with the husband before I depart for two whole weeks.
Finally Khage cries when I leave the room, leaving me to assume I am finally the favorite.
Finally I am getting up at 5:30 for breakfast with Brad before he heads off to work (not finally because I want to but more in the sense of I finally agreed to it)

Enjoy this beautiful friday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yesterday's Laundry.

Yesterday while I was working on the daily grind I put Khagey in his dirty clothes tin so I could switch the clothes over. I don't often force my baby to play in his dirty clothes hamper but I couldn't set him on the hard floor and I just needed some quick use out of two hands. I was all ready for him to drop one of his nasty little attitudes; one of the same ones that has been rearing its ugly head the last few days. Just to be sure were all on the same page here: Khage has an adorable face its the attitude that has the ugly head. So after I place him in the tin and prep my ears for some serious backtalk all I get outta the kid is smiles and giggles. Just when I wanted to write the day off as a "cranky day" he goes and makes faces like this, and it reminds me how incredibly whooped I am over him.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heading off to work.

Lets hope he doesn't get pulled over. I don't think the truck is registered in Texas yet.

Avocado anyone?

Our little one is finally eating solids. After much deliberation Bradley and I decided to pass on the rice cereal and jump right into the fruits and vegetables... with avocados being first on the menu.
It was so cute to watch his little face light up in disgust at the first few spoonfuls.

Once he came to realize that his disgusted face wasnt gonna work on us, he graduated into gagging... then eventually just swallowing with minimal amounts of excitement.

And now he gets excited at the site of the bowl and spoon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day.

I am still so excited about last week being Mothers Day. I have to be honest I never really thought about being a mother. I wasn't one of the girls growing up playing with dolls and earnestly waiting for a real baby to take the place of my cabbage patch. In fact I liked my cabbage patch doll just the way she was; beans sewn into her tuckus and that cabbage patch smell of baby powder and vanilla... no dirty diapers or poo stink to deal with.

Sadly I had to grow up, and sadly Tina (my cabbage patch doll) got tossed away and many a years later I became a mommy. I went from dressing a doll that remained still all through her clothes changes to a squirmy wormy that cant sit still long enough for his stinky diaper to be replaced with a fresh one... and I couldn't be happier!

I have loved the last few months of being some kids mama all too much. So much that I am sure Khage is gonna be hellraiser in his teens because I lucked out too much with his silly passively charming personality. Hes not perfect, don't let me send you the wrong kinda notions, but man oh man even on his worst day I smile because hes mine... cranky and yelling at me from the backseat but still mine.

So, on this Mothers Day, the first of sooo many to come I sit here thankful. Thankful that God blessed me with an opportunity to experience the birth of my baby, raise him into a little human being with a personality all his own, and enjoy these wonderful moments that mean so little to everyone else but so much to a mother.

I love you Skiddy Rumpus, thank you for turning me from a girl who played with deliciously smelling dolls to a mommy that is all too often fighting off the stenches that come along with hanging out with you.