Friday, May 20, 2011

{Finally Friday}

All too often during the week I find myself saying finally.
Here are a few of those thoughts on a day like friday, that ironically finally is here.

Finally the old apartment is empty, cleaned and waiting to be given to some other poor saps who might enjoy a nutty drunk neighbor and an upstairs Jamaican who may or may not enjoy moving furniture at three in the morning.
Finally I listened to my mother and sister when they told me to buy ground turkey instead of ground beef.
Finally our dogs are here enjoying the grass and running space and no longer diggin trenches of escape at my MIL's.
Finally after project number 17 I don't feel scared of piercing my own fingers when I am sewing with the sewing machine.
Finally one of my "special ingredients" actually worked out and made the dish... instead of ruining it.
Finally Sam Malone is thinking of dumping Diane (think Cheers).
Finally after more then four months, five phone calls, and five very hard to understand debates we got our rebate back from Sprint.
Finally the Playstation Network is back up and I can Netflix with ease.
Finally the weekend is here and I can get in some quality time with the husband before I depart for two whole weeks.
Finally Khage cries when I leave the room, leaving me to assume I am finally the favorite.
Finally I am getting up at 5:30 for breakfast with Brad before he heads off to work (not finally because I want to but more in the sense of I finally agreed to it)

Enjoy this beautiful friday.


Brittany said...

Furniture moving is better then domestic abuse. I've dealt with that in TWO of my apartments. Horrible. Thats actually kind of funny, the entire Jamaican thing. Ha.

Why turkey???

Brad and Jamee said...

haha doesmtic abuse huh? man apartment complex's really know how to pick em! Brad & I are just way too normal for that kinda lifestyle... unless he wants to take a swing at me and something tells me we could then add husband killer to that list of crazed tenants.

So this turkey business is fantastic... its ground up and used in place of da beef and it tastes way better and is so much healthier and lighter. And costs about the same as the leaner beefs. Did I mention its delicious. The only thing I would stay clear of is adding it to the shepherds pie... turkey and brown gravy might not get along well in the old stomach.

Cortney said...

Hey!!! I have always lived in an apartment...

Brittany said...

Case in point Cort.

Cortney said...

Oh...I see how it is. RUDE!!!