Monday, May 23, 2011


A few special facts about out little baguette:
He headbangs whenever hes tired and cant fall asleep
He can't cry without coughing
Loves the skiddy rumpus song ("skiddy rumpus" sang to the tune of chitty chitty bang bang)
He hated bananas but loved him some carrots
He still "rakes" everything with his fingers
At his last doctors appointment the doctor called him "a perfect little specimen"
If his toy has a tag on it he will always chew that instead of the toy
Smashes his face into the carpet and pushes with his legs to "nudge" from one place to another
Always wakes up with boogies in his nose
Loves to pull hair (mommies and even his own)
Has two perfect little baby teeth
Has the cutest tiny birthmark on his left knee
Thinks its funny when we {softly} hit him on the head
(so we cannot stop doing that)
Still hates car rides
(And we have finally accepted that)
Loves to play with power cords
(And were trying to break that)
He has succeeded in making us the happiest and proudest parents ever.

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