Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day.

I am still so excited about last week being Mothers Day. I have to be honest I never really thought about being a mother. I wasn't one of the girls growing up playing with dolls and earnestly waiting for a real baby to take the place of my cabbage patch. In fact I liked my cabbage patch doll just the way she was; beans sewn into her tuckus and that cabbage patch smell of baby powder and vanilla... no dirty diapers or poo stink to deal with.

Sadly I had to grow up, and sadly Tina (my cabbage patch doll) got tossed away and many a years later I became a mommy. I went from dressing a doll that remained still all through her clothes changes to a squirmy wormy that cant sit still long enough for his stinky diaper to be replaced with a fresh one... and I couldn't be happier!

I have loved the last few months of being some kids mama all too much. So much that I am sure Khage is gonna be hellraiser in his teens because I lucked out too much with his silly passively charming personality. Hes not perfect, don't let me send you the wrong kinda notions, but man oh man even on his worst day I smile because hes mine... cranky and yelling at me from the backseat but still mine.

So, on this Mothers Day, the first of sooo many to come I sit here thankful. Thankful that God blessed me with an opportunity to experience the birth of my baby, raise him into a little human being with a personality all his own, and enjoy these wonderful moments that mean so little to everyone else but so much to a mother.

I love you Skiddy Rumpus, thank you for turning me from a girl who played with deliciously smelling dolls to a mommy that is all too often fighting off the stenches that come along with hanging out with you.

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