Thursday, June 23, 2011

Half a year old

A few special facts about our little baguette:
He just started drinking from a sippy cup
Whenever he eats Cheerios or puffs his first mission is to try and pick up all of them in both hands before he eats any
His version of fighting sleep actual means fighting by hair pulling, face smacking, head slamming, and clawing at anything he can get his little hands on
Most of his day is spent trying to pull books off the bookshelf
When he crawls he crawls with one leg and tries to walk with the other
He has yet to turn up his nose at any food he is offered
He also has never stopped eating out of fullness, we have to cut him off
Gets so giddy with excitement when ever Mommy turns anything into a singsong
We are currently teaching him the word milk in sign language
He is so fun loving
{he loves to partake in it as much as he loves to watch it go about}
More then once, he has turned off the PlayStation or taken out the disc while we are playing
{either he wants attention or his turn on Call of Duty}
His first accident was when he fell off the couch
{and that was on Mommies watch}
the older he gets the more fun and exciting our lives are becoming.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.

{wordless if you don't count the words in the picture and now these words explaining this very "unwordless" Wednesday}

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day.

Your first fathers day. Based on all the photos it may seem as though you two just nap together... but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I already feel left out sometimes when you guys get to playing. No one makes you laugh like your Daddy does. He cannot wait to 'rough house' with you and I cannot wait to watch him let you win just to make you happy. Sometimes he is short on patience, but never short on the love he gives you. Don't worry he says he will stop kissing you when your big enough to get embarrassed. You are already like him in so many ways (again I get jealous). I hope you know Khagey how lucky you are to have the best Daddy in the world. I know I am lucky to call that Daddy my husband.

Thank you Brad for not only giving me this gift, but also for sharing with me the wonderful moments that this gift brings.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bye Bye Bumper

Call me crazy but aren't these bad boys supposed to keep his soft little noggin away from the wood and not act as pillows instead?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A little dirt dont hurt.

Khage is already such a boy & we love that he is all that is man.
Over the weekend the family went to a state park to do some rock climbing and a little swimming. Skiddy looked so cute snacking on the dirt and lounging about in the great outdoors.
and a little sidenote: Brad taught the little brother how to rock climb this weekend as well. Looks like Mama was wise to send me Zach's insurance cards just in case we decided to risk his life

Little Water Baby

Hot Texas days are perfect for...
deck baths
and drinking from the hose.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Frenzy

I have found that during the last six months of my life I try at all cost to avoid driving anywhere. I grocery shop once a week (if I can get my act together I will attempt every two weeks), all my "into town" errands are saved for a single day and I never ever joy ride. If this sounds like yet another rant about gas prices you are gladly mistaken. Instead it is a rant about my baby screaming from the backseat.
Since he was a wee little lad of a few days old he has hated car rides. At first we assumed it was the cuddly bear neck strap cushions that were all up in his business, after the removal of those we then assumed it was just the car seat that he hated. But soon enough we discovered that the crying was not happening in Daddy's truck nor anyone else's ride so we were left to assume maybe it was the car. After further inspection we decided maybe a fresh limo tint to the windows could ease some discomfort. Wrong again. So my last option was to walk up to a car salesman, hand him my child, and have him test drive a few rides and see exactly which one Khagey didnt scream in.... but I am not into letting strangers hold my baby so that option is out. We were just plain forced to suck it up and deal with the crying... until now.
Six months from the start of this nonsense, hours upon hours spent driving around in the very car that he cannot stand and lots of tears shed we found the solution to our problem...
A Fine Frenzy is this boy's chosen drug. Quiets him right down and Mommy no longer has to fear the unavoidable car rides. Who would have thought he loved red heads?