Thursday, June 23, 2011

Half a year old

A few special facts about our little baguette:
He just started drinking from a sippy cup
Whenever he eats Cheerios or puffs his first mission is to try and pick up all of them in both hands before he eats any
His version of fighting sleep actual means fighting by hair pulling, face smacking, head slamming, and clawing at anything he can get his little hands on
Most of his day is spent trying to pull books off the bookshelf
When he crawls he crawls with one leg and tries to walk with the other
He has yet to turn up his nose at any food he is offered
He also has never stopped eating out of fullness, we have to cut him off
Gets so giddy with excitement when ever Mommy turns anything into a singsong
We are currently teaching him the word milk in sign language
He is so fun loving
{he loves to partake in it as much as he loves to watch it go about}
More then once, he has turned off the PlayStation or taken out the disc while we are playing
{either he wants attention or his turn on Call of Duty}
His first accident was when he fell off the couch
{and that was on Mommies watch}
the older he gets the more fun and exciting our lives are becoming.

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