Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet little Sunday

Today was such a lovely day. As a family we lounged and napped and let the little one rummage in the fridge. I cant help but follow him around very paparazzi style. I'm trying to find balance between being that mother who enjoys all those moments behind the camera and the mother who regrets not documenting any of those simply sweet moments. I'm over the moon with love for this kid.

Let me formally introduce you to...

J.R. Also known as Jolly Rancher Face.

Khage has been wearing this face for the past three days.

At our house were full of making up fun nicknames. Maybe its obvious, maybe its not, but he got this little name from lookin like hes sucking on a jolly rancher candy. He actually had me fooled for the whole first day, I would see this face and run over to dig around in his mouth looking for small objects that he may have found on the floor and shoved into his little cheerio shoot. Turns out hes just extremely fond of sucking on invisible fruit candies... hey the boy can wish cant he?

(oh the hat you ask? well that little adorableness is courtesy of Auntie Cole. It's stupid with cuteness isn't it?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A few snippets from this month

I am trying to get into the habit of snapping pictures whenever Khage is up to some of his old tricks. Problem is once I'm done I have a bunch of random pictures with no topic of their own to blog about. So these little snippets will just have share a post about my baby lookin cute with his little cheeser face.

{busted playing in the tupperware cabinet}

{daddy busted putting his offspring in the dryer}

{the giggly face that I could just munch on all darn day long}

{did i mention i love this face?}

{my new puppy}

{him feeling cool for standing on mommy and daddies bed}

Pricey little chew toy

He has finally done it. Let me inform you of just how he has done it. Just the other day I get Khage outta his crib to find these little specks of brown on his face. Not much yes, but in the land of mommy it's cause for concern. Now this activates my motherly instinct alarm and it goes off full swing. I immediately start panicking thinking its blood... and the worst case scenario starts taking over my brain. I start beating myself up mentally with this thought process: "he fell, he was standing in his crib crying and worked himself into a frenzy and fell. I didn't hear him and he was yelling my name and I didn't hear him fall or his cries of panic and pain and now theres blood everywhere". We both know he doesn't talk nor is there blood all over the child but you try explaining rationality to a mother who thinks she sees blood on her babies face.

I then run to his crib, with baby in tow, and find no pool of blood. Makes sense right considering when I just took him out I didn't see any then either. So I set Khage in his crib while I put my detective hat on to get to the bottom of this mess. You need to know Khage doesn't take kindly to hanging out in his crib when hes not sleeping so he stands up eager to be pulled back out... which is the same moment that I see this (upper right corner of the lower left quadrant) Chew marks?... yes chew marks, like a Labrador got ahold of his crib rail. I then say "Khage what is this nonsense?" which to him is a perfectly suitable time to reenact the cause of the damage
Like a Labrador, he too knows when hes in trouble and the only acceptable thing to do is lower his head in shame and grovel.

SIDENOTE: I am attempting to make light of a horrible situtation. Just so we are clear - I am not okay whith him "distressing" very expensive household items. I wanted to whap him (whaps being ligther then a spanking). But I didnt. Although he did get a good stern talking to and his crib got a protective shield.

Seven Months Old

A few special facts about our little baguette:
He scurries around the house all day from room to room getting into mischief
We still cant change his diaper without him flip floppin everywhere
Loves to be read Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See?
He signs the word milk... but uses it for everything
Yells, kinda rude like, when he wants more of something
At his last doctors appointment he was in the 80 percentile for height
He cut his third tooth and its a snaggler (top tooth to the left)
He likes to sharpen that snaggle tooth on the railing of his crib
Drinks his bottles with his hands above his head playing with his hair all ballerina style
He has finally grown an attachment to one of his toys (a stuffed dog named Wilbie)
All day long we pull strands of mommies hair out of his mouth
His daily mission is to get his hands on the toilet, the toilet bowl brush or the plunger
Has the most adorable cheesy smirk I have ever seen on a face
He crawls around the house with a baby wipe hanging out of his mouth like a dog
He loves the sound of his own scream
all too often we say out loud how lucky we are that that adorable personality belongs to our little boy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our baby outdoors.

Teepee time!

I am already getting excited for so many wonderful things to make for Khagey when he gets a little older. I have had my eyes on this little number for some time. I can't wait to plop one of these in front of him and watch as it encourages such magical play full of imagination. Although, I love the age that he is in now with all the exploring of simple things that are all too fascinating to him. I wouldn't trade the present for the future any day, but darn it I wanna play in a home made teepee too!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just for fun.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today Khage cried {alot}. He refused to take a nap and insisted on standing in his crib and crying for over thirty minutes. He fell against the side of his crib and bonked his head and cried some more. I couldn't put him down for a moment all day without him fussing. I couldn't walk away from him without him crying and crawling toward me with such a sad look on his face like he thought I was never coming back. He pulled quite a few chunks of my hair out. He put his dirty diaper in his mouth. I couldn't detach him from my hip long enough to take a five minute shower until almost two. Then he smacked the spoon that was full of bananas right onto the carpet. He grabbed a hold of the toilet bowl brush. And he drooled all over my phone and now it sounds as if everyone is talking under water.

I would be lying if I said for a split second I didn't consider daycare for him and a part time job for me. I would also be lying if writing this right now didn't make me laugh and love him more. Some days are manic and others are pure joy. But I am pretty sure I wouldn't know those purely joyful days if on some days I didn't loose my hair.