Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pricey little chew toy

He has finally done it. Let me inform you of just how he has done it. Just the other day I get Khage outta his crib to find these little specks of brown on his face. Not much yes, but in the land of mommy it's cause for concern. Now this activates my motherly instinct alarm and it goes off full swing. I immediately start panicking thinking its blood... and the worst case scenario starts taking over my brain. I start beating myself up mentally with this thought process: "he fell, he was standing in his crib crying and worked himself into a frenzy and fell. I didn't hear him and he was yelling my name and I didn't hear him fall or his cries of panic and pain and now theres blood everywhere". We both know he doesn't talk nor is there blood all over the child but you try explaining rationality to a mother who thinks she sees blood on her babies face.

I then run to his crib, with baby in tow, and find no pool of blood. Makes sense right considering when I just took him out I didn't see any then either. So I set Khage in his crib while I put my detective hat on to get to the bottom of this mess. You need to know Khage doesn't take kindly to hanging out in his crib when hes not sleeping so he stands up eager to be pulled back out... which is the same moment that I see this (upper right corner of the lower left quadrant) Chew marks?... yes chew marks, like a Labrador got ahold of his crib rail. I then say "Khage what is this nonsense?" which to him is a perfectly suitable time to reenact the cause of the damage
Like a Labrador, he too knows when hes in trouble and the only acceptable thing to do is lower his head in shame and grovel.

SIDENOTE: I am attempting to make light of a horrible situtation. Just so we are clear - I am not okay whith him "distressing" very expensive household items. I wanted to whap him (whaps being ligther then a spanking). But I didnt. Although he did get a good stern talking to and his crib got a protective shield.


Brittany said...

Bahahahaha... Oh how I love this. Oh how I so love this. Dang Khagey, you done let you teeth-print and yo wood chips. Come yonder and dabble in mischief with Auntie, she will teach you young grasshopper. Mama will be stumped!

Jason and Brittany said...

You done left** yo teeth print and yo wood chips.