Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seven Months Old

A few special facts about our little baguette:
He scurries around the house all day from room to room getting into mischief
We still cant change his diaper without him flip floppin everywhere
Loves to be read Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See?
He signs the word milk... but uses it for everything
Yells, kinda rude like, when he wants more of something
At his last doctors appointment he was in the 80 percentile for height
He cut his third tooth and its a snaggler (top tooth to the left)
He likes to sharpen that snaggle tooth on the railing of his crib
Drinks his bottles with his hands above his head playing with his hair all ballerina style
He has finally grown an attachment to one of his toys (a stuffed dog named Wilbie)
All day long we pull strands of mommies hair out of his mouth
His daily mission is to get his hands on the toilet, the toilet bowl brush or the plunger
Has the most adorable cheesy smirk I have ever seen on a face
He crawls around the house with a baby wipe hanging out of his mouth like a dog
He loves the sound of his own scream
all too often we say out loud how lucky we are that that adorable personality belongs to our little boy.

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