Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today Khage cried {alot}. He refused to take a nap and insisted on standing in his crib and crying for over thirty minutes. He fell against the side of his crib and bonked his head and cried some more. I couldn't put him down for a moment all day without him fussing. I couldn't walk away from him without him crying and crawling toward me with such a sad look on his face like he thought I was never coming back. He pulled quite a few chunks of my hair out. He put his dirty diaper in his mouth. I couldn't detach him from my hip long enough to take a five minute shower until almost two. Then he smacked the spoon that was full of bananas right onto the carpet. He grabbed a hold of the toilet bowl brush. And he drooled all over my phone and now it sounds as if everyone is talking under water.

I would be lying if I said for a split second I didn't consider daycare for him and a part time job for me. I would also be lying if writing this right now didn't make me laugh and love him more. Some days are manic and others are pure joy. But I am pretty sure I wouldn't know those purely joyful days if on some days I didn't loose my hair.

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