Friday, August 26, 2011

your favorite

You finally have a favorite toy. For the longest time you didn't have an extreme fondness for any of your things... no blankets, stuffed animals, or toys. And frankly I was a little worried that you were going to end up kinda weird because of your lack of attachment to anything but me & daddy. But its been a few months now and the affection you have for this guy has remained. When we hand him to you, you immediately pounce on him with your face buried in his fluff... your cute little baby version of a bear hug I guess? And were always sure to place him in your crib next to you while you sleep so you don't ever wake up alone. Although we have noticed he has become, next to the pacifier and blanket, one of the things that gets tossed aboard from the crib in the morning. But were pretty sure you just really like the idea of throwing things about & Wilbie shouldn't take it personally.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vroom Vroom

One of Brads friends had a three wheeler that was completely old and trashed and he was thinking about junk'in it. But Brad, being the most amazing fix it guy I have ever come to know, decided to save this little three wheeler from it's miserable life of destitution and turn it into a means of family fun. It took alot of ripping apart, tons of tinkering, and (again) Brad's incredible mechanical skills before this bad boy was ready to hit the pavement vrooming.
And because Daddy was riding it we couldn't possibly deny Khage the opportunity.

He doesn't seem to love it, but in the same breath, he didn't hate it either.
So our hopes are high for the future.

Safety Disclosure: We are fully aware of the safety hazards associated with putting a baby on a three wheeler and because of that Daddy is just puttering around the neighborhood with Khage and not driving like Evel Knievel.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Underdressed baby.

I just realized that alot of my posts include my baby underdressed.
I promise that he isn't always hanging around the house just in his under roos.
He does have a wardrobe... we just try and avoid it at all costs.
The less he wears the less laundry that needs to be done.
What can we say were frugal (and Mommies lazy).

just for the sake of evening out the "naked baby to dressed baby" ratio on this blog here's one of him clothed from head to toe

love him.

I apologize ahead of time for the sappiness.

I have been going through some things recently... we can call it "the reintroduction of a certain woman thing" or maybe a "sappy obsession over my baby" but non the less its getting serious. It all started the other day as as I watched Khagey play, crawl around and get into things that he couldn't have cared less about four months ago. In fact, four months ago he probably didn't move much aside from a wiggle here and there and the occasional roll over if we were lucky.
Next thing I know I am talking to Brad on the phone and crying that my baby is no longer baby'ish. All I can get out is mumbles about the magical first day we brought him home and how he used to hold my finger while he napped on my chest and now it seems like I am no longer getting the attention that I once did.
Hes on the move now and getting into everything that strikes his little fancy. And before we could do what ever we wanted with him and he would just go with the flow and now he has an opinion and hes able to show us (with small grunts and flailing hand gestures) things he doesn't care for (like the texture of mashed potatoes). He was once our baby baguette with little going on upstairs and now we can watch the hamster in the wheel working in his head as he attempts to figure things out by himself.
Its all just changing too fast in the sense that I am slowly loosing my baby to a toddler. But I do love his toddlering... its just that this stage doesnt require so much needing from mommy.
And thats what I miss.
So I realized that there really is no solution to my problem... but there may be something that can ease this blow. I need to smudge this kid with paint and slap it on some paper as a means of documenting his tiny size before its gone. Its sappy, this I know. But every week that rolls by I am tossing clothes that no longer fit into a box and watching my baby outgrow his need for his mommy. So if this craft can make me feel just a smidge better then by golly I am doing it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eight Months

A few special facts about our little baguette:
If we open anything (clothes drawers, the dryer, fridge, dishwasher, or cabinets) he mad dashes for the opportunity to pull everything out of it
He thinks the Koala face that graces the computer's wallpaper is real and he tries to pet it
Daddy has maintained the position of Khage's favorite parent for sometime now
When he's tired he turns incredibly clumsy and is sure to fall, trip, or bonk his head on something if we don't pick him up pronto
All too often you can find him banging on the backdoor and yelling to get the doggies attention
He can destroy his freshly cleaned room in under a minute
Tries to climb into his wagon for rides and pouts when we take him out of it
Has four teeth but hes missing the top two middle ones
Every day the tops of his feet are stained with soot, evidence from crawling around on the bricks from the fireplace
His version of a laugh is similar to the sounds of an old man gasping for air
Likes it when we dance wildly with him
He loves finger foods and hates his bottles
Cries when daddy acts like hes dropping him then catches him at the last second
Gets outta control excited when we play in a blanket fort
we are trying to accept that although he is growing up so fast he will always be our precious little baby boy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Garage

The garage at our house is Daddy's domain. Khage and I avoid it at all costs. Parking the car in the garage is as deep as our relationship with that space goes. Its filthy, unairconditioned, full of stuff that we don't get to play with and it comes with rules that we don't want to have to play by. These rules, such as "if you use it put it back where you got it", can really ruin the fun in playing in the dirty garage, therefor Daddy can have that dingy place all to himself.
Until I offered to help Brad change his break pads in the dually while Khage napped. This required me venturing out into the unknown and I was a bit nervous. What started as me assisting Brad turned into: me for the first time successfully replacing a part in a really big truck by myself all the while getting grease and grime under my finger nails and allover my face and sweating in places I didn't think was possible.

Then my little main man woke up and he wanted to get him some of that grimeyness.

And just in case you thought this was staged...

And then Daddy let Khage loose for a little fun of tinkering around in a place that is usually off limits.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

QUESTION: Whats the difference between the Mommy and the Daddy?

ANSWER: When the baby eats dinner and gets food all over himself & his chair and they both end up looking like thisthe mommy wipes his face gently but thoroughly with a wet cloth to be sure all the food smudgies and crusties are washed away and then separately cleans his chair piece by piece at the sink
but the daddy opts for the easier & quicker (& fun'er) method that looks like this:leaving the baby in the dirty chair, taking both out to the front yard and hosing them both down all at the same time.

Now lets re ask the original question:
Whats the difference between the Mommy and the Daddy?
Daddy is incredibly efficient and also incredibly white trash.
While Mommy is neither.
I guess at the end of the day all that matters is that we have ourselves a clean baby.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A post about a wagon.

Lets start off with a recap of my dream from last week:
I am walking around Goodwill and I stumble upon an amazing wagon for Khage. Like one of those perfect little red wagons that every little boy should own and the very same one that Dennis the Menace would tow behind his bicycle and it was always full of cool junk that he would use to reek havoc on Mr. Wilson.

After having this dream I could not get Goodwill outta my mind and I wouldn't stop buggin Brad about it. I wanted needed to go just in case my dream was foreshadowing the future finding of my Khage's little red wagon. Could you just imagine stumbling upon a rusted little classic wagon that could come with years and years of fun for a little boy and totally enjoyable for the whole family? I picture us refinishing it and pulling him around the block in it and in later years Khage wearin overalls and filling it full of dirt and rocks?

So this weekends I found out that the Goodwill has these days where everything is 50% off and I definitely don't mind getting a classic toy for half price. And just to be sure our wagon was not purchased by someone else we went early before the doors even opened... surprisingly so did everyone else and that whole line of people were ready to race me to OUR wagon!

I know what your thinking... "she's crazy, her dreams are not magical crystal balls that see into the future, the Goodwill is not gonna have the Dennis the Menace wagon and she needs to be checked into a home where she can get the help she needs."

I say your WRONG on all counts.

My dream did see into the future, Goodwill did have our wagon and I will not be going to a home for crazy people with obsessisions with chilidish toys.

I cannot express to you how excited I am about this wagon. It is exactly what I dreamed about and my baby already loves it. We pull him around the house in it and he lays there as still as ever just simply enjoying his litte red wagon.