Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Garage

The garage at our house is Daddy's domain. Khage and I avoid it at all costs. Parking the car in the garage is as deep as our relationship with that space goes. Its filthy, unairconditioned, full of stuff that we don't get to play with and it comes with rules that we don't want to have to play by. These rules, such as "if you use it put it back where you got it", can really ruin the fun in playing in the dirty garage, therefor Daddy can have that dingy place all to himself.
Until I offered to help Brad change his break pads in the dually while Khage napped. This required me venturing out into the unknown and I was a bit nervous. What started as me assisting Brad turned into: me for the first time successfully replacing a part in a really big truck by myself all the while getting grease and grime under my finger nails and allover my face and sweating in places I didn't think was possible.

Then my little main man woke up and he wanted to get him some of that grimeyness.

And just in case you thought this was staged...

And then Daddy let Khage loose for a little fun of tinkering around in a place that is usually off limits.

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