Thursday, August 18, 2011

I apologize ahead of time for the sappiness.

I have been going through some things recently... we can call it "the reintroduction of a certain woman thing" or maybe a "sappy obsession over my baby" but non the less its getting serious. It all started the other day as as I watched Khagey play, crawl around and get into things that he couldn't have cared less about four months ago. In fact, four months ago he probably didn't move much aside from a wiggle here and there and the occasional roll over if we were lucky.
Next thing I know I am talking to Brad on the phone and crying that my baby is no longer baby'ish. All I can get out is mumbles about the magical first day we brought him home and how he used to hold my finger while he napped on my chest and now it seems like I am no longer getting the attention that I once did.
Hes on the move now and getting into everything that strikes his little fancy. And before we could do what ever we wanted with him and he would just go with the flow and now he has an opinion and hes able to show us (with small grunts and flailing hand gestures) things he doesn't care for (like the texture of mashed potatoes). He was once our baby baguette with little going on upstairs and now we can watch the hamster in the wheel working in his head as he attempts to figure things out by himself.
Its all just changing too fast in the sense that I am slowly loosing my baby to a toddler. But I do love his toddlering... its just that this stage doesnt require so much needing from mommy.
And thats what I miss.
So I realized that there really is no solution to my problem... but there may be something that can ease this blow. I need to smudge this kid with paint and slap it on some paper as a means of documenting his tiny size before its gone. Its sappy, this I know. But every week that rolls by I am tossing clothes that no longer fit into a box and watching my baby outgrow his need for his mommy. So if this craft can make me feel just a smidge better then by golly I am doing it.

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