Friday, August 26, 2011

your favorite

You finally have a favorite toy. For the longest time you didn't have an extreme fondness for any of your things... no blankets, stuffed animals, or toys. And frankly I was a little worried that you were going to end up kinda weird because of your lack of attachment to anything but me & daddy. But its been a few months now and the affection you have for this guy has remained. When we hand him to you, you immediately pounce on him with your face buried in his fluff... your cute little baby version of a bear hug I guess? And were always sure to place him in your crib next to you while you sleep so you don't ever wake up alone. Although we have noticed he has become, next to the pacifier and blanket, one of the things that gets tossed aboard from the crib in the morning. But were pretty sure you just really like the idea of throwing things about & Wilbie shouldn't take it personally.

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