Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hood rat.

Khage has this hoodie and we cannot get over how friggin adorable his little face looks all bundled in it. We got this hoodie for only 1 single buck and once you see it you will probably understand why. Most of the men in the family have one of these hoodies... including Brad, Jason, Trevor and Zach. And once winter rolls around they all like to bust them out and every time I try to walk at least fifteen feet behind them in public. But Khage is growing into a mini version of his father so it was pointless to fight the inevitable... so he too got himself a MexiHoodie.
While this hoodie is rough on the eyes this little hood rat couldn't be cuter.

Isn't this last picture of him sticking his tongue out just too darling? He is still young enough to get away with such acts of vengeance. Soon enough that little number is going to be followed up by a little soap in the month. Something I am looking forward to by the way. And that is not backed up by hostility towards Khage... I am just looking forward to enforcing future disciplinary actions on all my children.

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