Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Keep Swimin.

Yes, this blog is about fish.
Hence the title tribute to Finding Nemo.
Our little family finally decided that, although spending relaxing weekends at home are nice, sometimes you just gotta get crazy and head to the aquarium. So we did just that.
We were pretty excited to introduce Khage to this magical world of life under the sea.... under the sea. (I stated that last phrase twice to keep up with the fish movie references... The Little Mermaid, just in case you needed some help).
We were sure he would love the colors and the movements of the fishes as they swam right up against the glass. And they had these little bubble things you could sit in and get as close as possible to being underwater without actually getting wet or attacked by the man eating stingrays. Khage was very serious the whole time as he watched everything moving about... he was not into any funny business like laughing or cracking even a smidge of a smile. Apparently the aquarium is no place for fun and games.
Op, here's a smile.

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