Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nine Months

A few special facts about our little baguette:
It sounds like he says Dada & MomMom but we could be kidding ourselves
He absolutely loves playing with his toothbrush
All the sudden if he smiles really big he also squints his eyes really hard
If you tell him NO you risk getting slapped in the mouth
And because of that he now gets spanked... alot
We have no idea how he learned to waive hello
Sometimes we catch him standing on his own for brief little moments
He thinks he is so cool when he uses our low windowsill as a seat
He refuses to hold his own bottle and properly use his sippy cup
Daddy says he has a "pumpkin mouth" because he has teeth coming in everywhere
(Daddy is referring to what normal people call a Jack-O-Lantern)
When you help him walk he takes giant steps with his right and kinda drags his left leg along
If you say "shake yo bootay" he will give you a little jig
He has eight teeth
He can now pull things off the desk & table if he stands on his tippy toes
He requires the Backyardigans to finish most bottles
You gotta watch his hands when he gets a diaper change our else he is grabbing a dirty wiggy
He is such a big sharer and he will try to feed us with his nasty gummy hands
When Daddy is off for the weekends he refuses to eat and sleep on his normal schedule
He learned in less then two days how to slide off the couch without hurting himself
It is such a joy to watch him grow and it makes us feel utterly blessed that he is such a happy and healthy little boy. We couldnt feel more proud to be his Mommy & Daddy.

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