Friday, September 9, 2011


I love Pinterest. I cannot get enough of that place. When Khage is napping and the dishes are washed, laundry is folded, and I have watched all that I can on Netflix... I pinterest.

(And sometimes not in that exact order).

But I refuse to be one of these people


So I actually do all most some of my pins.

Here are the pins that I have done, my opinions on them and some minor improvements if necessary.

Breakfast burritos....can be made ahead & frozen!

These burritos are amazingly delicious and this recipe makes at least 16 of them to freeze for later. Brad & I loved them... they were so easy to make... and fast for those of you who dont have time for a hearty breakfast {like Brad} or those who refuse to wake up to make that hearty breakfast {like me}.

Homemade stain remover.

This recipe for homemade OxyClean really did work. It did remove stains... but it failed to leave a nice little airy fresh scent like the real OxyClean. Something we prefer to fork over seven bucks for.

Baking soda and vinegar carpet cleaner... I just tried it and it totally works!!

I swear by this carpet cleaning solution. I have lived in a number of rental homes and it is always a fear of mine to permanently damage the carpet and therefor have to pay to replace it. But this solution not only cleaned up all of our little stains but also removed the one stain that remained even after the professional cleaners had left.

cake balls!

These cake balls are amazing and so easy. I made two batches, the first one I followed the directions completly and the second one I only used 3/4s of a container of frosting. The batch with the less frosting was better, it wasnt as sweet at the original recipe. I would rather less sweet so I can have more... just saying.

peanut butter cup brownies

Oh man were these little badboys amazing? Yes. Yes they were.

Heres a tip for you: remove the brownies before you splodge in the peanut butter or else good luck diggin them out of the muffin pan without destroying thier cute little muffin look. Aside from that they were simply delicious.

get the boys to smile at the camera everytime. @Nicole Shaw Ritchie

Isnt this lens buddy so cute! It is supposed to gaurantee a smile from you little wees everytime. Well he and a few of his friends are sold on etsy ranging from $5 bucks to $30. But because I am the ultimate DIY enthusiast (or if we wanna take it back to grad-school: ultimate copycater) I kept my money and made this guy myself.

Just bought my fabric for this last weekend. So excited for the revamped living room full of soft green and cozyness.

To make this all you need is wood or canvas, a staple gun, and some lovely fabric. It was pretty simple... although I do recommend two sets of hands for the streatching & stapling. If you choose to go the route we did and make your own fabric streatchers with wood be sure the wood is absolutly flat when laid against the wall or your gonna have corners that wanna pop off the wall. We ended up having to take them down, soak the wood with the hose (with the fabric left on), dry them in trash bags (to make sure the fabric didnt get dirty, and rehang them.

pop top as picture hanger

And this guy is down right genius. It has saved me quite the hassle when hanging frames... the biggest problem we had with these little dudes was getting them since were not soda drinkers.

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