Friday, September 9, 2011

Thirsty Anyone?

The other day Brad wasn't feelin well and he needed some NyQuil so he ran off to the store. Just in case you feel like putting me on trial for being the unkind and cruel wife who didn't go to the store for her sick husband, I would like to add that I did offer. But Bradley also wanted tea and he didn't trust me to pick out his new tea flavor... yes he takes his tea that serious.
Lets just get back on topic.
When Brad arrives home he pulls a little something out of the grocery bag and proceeds to tell me how he got me a surprise.
 Yes. Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray. 
So what I am telling you is that Brad was exhausted, congested and coughing and yet he still found it necessary to visit the ethnic hair care section to find me some assistance with this ragamuffin mop I call hair.
All I have to say is, its nice to finally know what Brad thinks about my hair... dry, thirsty & in need of some sheen!
And sick or not Brad just couldn't stand it anymore.

Please excuse me while I go quench its thirst!


Jason and Brittany said...

Hahaha....HAHAHAHA.... OH my.

Justine and Kyle Simpson said...

So when I first saw this can of spray I was thinking "NO WAY! They make an olive oil sort of PAM cooking spray - awesome! And its organic!" And then I read on . . .