Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Work it Khagey.

 Khage's first semi-professional modeling gig. 
And I use the term semi-professional loosely because as of now we both could use alot of work; me on my photography skills and him on listening to the photographer's direction. He refused to look at the camera just about the whole time... therefor I made his feet, hands, and even his booty the main focus a time or two or three. I even brought a rattle to get his attention, Wilbie to get him to smile and I was making obnoxiously loud farm animal noises the whole time thinking he would at least give me one of those your so silly mom but I will smile just so then maybe you will stop kinda looks. All of which couldn't compete with the many things that were stealing his attention, like the dirt, and rocks, and the spat out sunflower seeds that he found on the ground in the dug out... and that I later found in his mouth.
 But boy doesn't he look so darn cute all jeans cuffed at the bottom and barefoot. I am so glad I get to keep this kid.

The one above looks all 1950's little boy on a ranch.
 I just dont know if it can get any more adorable then that.
Oh wait yes it can continue on down...

 And here's hoping we got ourselves a little t-ball player

Oh and do you like my jamee mae photography stamp? 
Yeah I'm legit!

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Fressia said...

SUCH GREAT GREAT PHOTOS. I am thoroughly impressed.