Saturday, October 22, 2011

My first Halloween Costume.

We don't call Khage our little chicken. We don't have an obsession with poultry either. This costume choice came about before Khage was even a thought. There is history behind this costume. When I worked at Albertsons, years ago, we sold Halloween costumes. And because it's Albertsons and very few people go there for costumes, we ended up stamping them more then half off and throwing them in a cart hoping to get them out before Halloween was over. This was four years ago mind you. I was not married, Brad and I were just friends, and I had no hope of having children in the near future. But after some persuasion by a dear friend of mine I bought a few and threw them in a box to hide in my closet until they were needed or found. This was one of those costumes.  It waited patiently all those years to finally break out of that box and play dress up with our sweet little boy. Here it is making its grand debut as Khages First Halloween Costume.  

Oh dear, look at that poor little snot nosed boy.