Friday, October 7, 2011

The Name Explained.

Some of you may have noticed that our blog went and got itself a makeover. Kudos to you for being observant. In addition to a fresh face... a new name has also been created. As you may already be able to tell our location {} is still going to be our home sweet home on the web but we thought we could really do without the blasting of our last name all over the internet. There really are some freakos out there and I would just rather stay off their radar.

Bringing Up Baby is what you can call us now. And this name is personal on a not-so-personal bases. It was actually chosen from a film in which Bradley and I both enjoy. Which is really quite a miracle because when it comes to movie night at our house it entails allot of flipping through Netflix for 45 minutes before we just resort to reruns of The Office.

So Bringing Up Baby is an old black and white movie starring Carey Grant and Katharine Hepburn. Not my favorite Hepburn... shout out to Audrey... but the girl still can act. The movie is a romantic comedy, but an old fashioned romance so its not filled with a bunch of lamo lines that are sickening to Brads ears. And not to mention, but I will anyway, that Carey Grant is a swoon!

The silly thing about this film is that Baby... which the title is referring to... is actually not a baby at all but a pet leopard.

Yes, I said a pet leopard.

This is around the time where you have decided to not rent this film at all and maybe stop reading this post all together but I am telling you its good fun... just rent the movie.

Anyway, that is why we chose that title because it totally applies to our new role as parents raising our little wee and it is backed by some enjoyable moments we shared together as a family of two before our tv became the box that spits out episodes of The Backyardigans and Phineas and Ferb. Wait who am I kidding, Brad was watching cartoons way before Khage ever came along.

Join me on a quick walk down memory lane: When Brad and I first became friends that was one of my favorite things about him. I never knew anyone over the age of eight who could quote Disney movies so well, then Brad came along and threw me for a loop when he knew all the lines to The Jungle Book, The Lion King  and Robin Hood. Can you tell I am smiling right now?

So for the few of you that were curious about the recent change, there it is plain and simple.

Hakuna Matata.

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