Friday, October 7, 2011

Pals, Chums or Buddies.

I don't boss any of you around much. So I hope you wont find me rude for doing so now, but as parents we just gotta look out for each other.

Have you heard of these Pillow Pets?

I am sure you have. We live like the Flintstones, without cable, and yet I have heard about these things. And because I am the cool Mom who stays on top of the must haves I tried to convince Brad that our little BamBam needs one of his own. At ten months old he is happy to play with his toothbrush, and to me thats an even better reason to get him one for being a boy happy with the simple things in life. But, sadly Brad is a snooze and doesn't get excited about petty things like stuffed animals that double as pillows, so he didn't think it was necessary.

But necessary or not Mama wants her baby to have this pillow. And I intended to buy one once Daddy was MIA on the next shopping trip. But before I even had the chance to go behind my husbands back, I stumbled upon a Pillow Chum. Or was it a pillow buddy, mate or palsy?

Now Costco is selling these pillows for 17 bucks and they are literally the size of 4 Pillow Pets. If any of you have checked out the price of the original Pillow Pets they are going for at least 20 bucks and they are tiny. Now that just drives me mad. So as my way of sticking it to the big man in his cool swivel chair, with his mahogany desk and that great view up on the top floor of the Pillow Pet factory and practically robbing people, I bought one! And because I am taking a stand against crime... how mad can Brad really be?

 It may be bigger then Khage. But like a good sweater that I bought him on discount a season early, he can just grow into it.
And consider that my service announcement for the month. Now go get your baby a mondo Pillow Pet knock off.

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Brittany said...

DUDE! They don't have those here... :(