Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkins Smumpkins.

I was going to write a big long post about how frustrated I am with the high prices of pumpkins this year at the pumpkin patch. I was gonna say something along the lines of how upsetting it was to go to a pumpkin patch and leave without pumpkins because we couldn't stomach paying that much money for a vegetable that we planned to leave on the porch. Stupid pumpkins smumpkins.
But, after looking at that adorable picture of Khage and his Daddy holding hands, this all just seamed so insignificant and a change of topic may be in order.
Then again I am finding it very hard to forget about the three pumpkins for fifty bucks. And its not like we wanted to get one of those record breaking pumpkins that you see on the news with the farmer whose standing next to it and the thing is freaky bigger then him and hes got all five of his grand kids sitting on it with the biggest smirks of their lives and the dog to the left looks all scarred because he has no idea what that big orange thing is...
This rant of mine has run its course.  
Lets get back to my little smumpkin.

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