Monday, October 10, 2011

Romping in the mud and rain.

Finally it feels like fall. It did just officially turn into Fall a few short weeks ago, but we have been waiting for this kind of weather for months now. We celebrated the long awaited rain with some time rompin in the mud. We got Khage all booted up in his fall apparel so he wouldn't catch a chill and we headed for the empty field around the corner from our house.
He was more then willing to wear his owl head gear and I thank my lucky stars because I know how frustrating it can be to try and keep your babies warm when they refuse to wear the required attire. It was funny to see him watching his hands covered in owl mittens, he could not figure out why he couldn't grab anything. And he looked darn adorable and I could have eaten that face for lunch.
Only one three-wheeler is running, so one of us had to pull Khagey with the bicycle. It doesn't sound too bad but coming home there is quite the uphill climb so Brad courageously took on that battle.
We didn't get any pictures of us flying through the muddy marshes but we all had a great time. Including our little Khage who is already a professional rider; whenever we step on the gas he immediately throws each leg around the gas tank in preparation for a ride.  

As Brad took Khage around the field, driving slow and cautiously while he held Khage tightly around his full belly, it made my heart smile. The two of them together, doing what Brad loves with the little person he loves the most really just warms me right up. I thought I loved Brad plenty before we had a child and now I see Brad as a father, through Khages eyes, and it only makes me love him so much more. 

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