Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten Months

A few special facts about our little baguette:
He gives the most adorable open mouth kisses ever
Sometimes when I make Wilbie say arf arf, he will make doggy sounds too
He is finally holding his own bottle when he drinks his milk
It is getting very hard to keep him quiet and still during church
He hates to eat vegetables and loves black beans
I bonk his poor head while trying to get him into his carseat at least twice a week
He is so easily frustrated
All day he rearranges the chairs in the kitchen
One of his favorite toys is a plastic rake
If we brush our teeth he will always want to brush his too
He tries to eat the binding off all his books
His feelings get hurt if you tell him NO
Playtime in a fort never gets old to him
He is so proud that he can scoot backwards on his belly on the tile
It drives him mad if he cant get the lid off his toy box
He makes the most loveable baby mumbles when hes tired and sucking on a pacifier
If he is in our room without supervision he is surely playing with Daddies church shoes
He puts his play phone to his ear and acts like hes talking to someone
He can climb into his wagon on his own
Looking at pictures always makes him smile... ecspecially if they are of him
He is definently the main reason our lives are filled with such happiness. He makes the hard days easier, the boring days fun and the smallest moments memorable. He is our world.


Jason and Brittany said...

Oh how I miss him. I cant wait to see him and see all these personality traits myself.

Brad and Jamee said...

I cant wait for you to see him too. I know he is missing his Auntie B. And lets not even talk about how much I want to see little Tootie & Miss Kanon!

Nana said...

You can thank Nana for those Kiss's. Can't wait to get to get a few when you are here....