Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Vegetables and the Vacuum.

This little chum. He refuses to eat his vegetables or anything that's not fruit, cheese, cheerios, black beans or chicken. So help me if Khage turns into a picky eater like his Daddy, I will flip out!

Yesterday I am feeding him, Khage not Brad, sweet potatoes and he is using all force necessary to evade that spoon, ducking and weaving with lips tightly sealed. But I am determined, so I get another spoon full, airplane it towards his face, he smacks the spoon away, I woosa, wipe up most of the mess, and give it a few minutes before I try again. Hoping persistence is the key. After five failed attempts, and sweet potato chunks everywhere but in the kids stomach, I figure I will get the vacuum and knock out some house cleaning in between bites. I return to the kitchen to plug in the vacuum and Khage starts to get all stir crazy. Hes wiggling and trying to move about to get a clear view of the vacuum. I ignore his weirdness and spoon up some more potatoes. This time he happily takes the bite... and immediately opens his mouth for another... all the while looking around me as to not break eye contact with the vacuum. He finishes off the potatoes like they are his favorite meal in the world and I smile proudly because I finally beat him in a battle of the vegetables. I take him out of his chair and he then hightails it towards the vacuum. That's when I realize he ate the sweet potatoes for one reason only, not because he finally thought to himself "maybe I should mind my mommy" but because he thought to himself "if I eat these nasty things she will let me out of this darn chair so I can play with the vacuum."

I have known for some time that he has had this long distance thing going on with the vacuum. I say long distance because I avoid vacuuming when hes on the floor because he loves to play with it and it always ends in him knocking it over. I have this returning fear of him getting stuck underneath the fallen vacuum for all of thirty seconds before I save him. I dunno, it could be traumatizing.
But I figured I would reward him with some vacuum play time, under my supervision of course, since he ate his vegetables.
What can I say I'm the fun mom!
And after that I locked him and his long johns in his room while I mopped the house.
You know, because I'm the fun mom.


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