Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our family in the wilderness.

Bradley and I have such dreams of being one of those outdoorsy families. You know, the ones that are always shoving the kids into the car for another exciting nature adventure? We want our children to grow up and look back on their childhood with such fondness over the memories we shared as a family in the woods. Together setting up tents, conquering mountains, fighting over the lucky fishing pole and laughing over a campfire while mommy plays a little tune on the guitar...
Note to self: learn to play the guitar.
Note to Brad: find a lucky fishing pole.
And now I know what your thinking, How exactly are you going to trek it in the woods with a ten month old? What ever will you do? This is close to impossible.
Calm down please. We have this under control.
Brad was the first one to give this baby backpack a go. Don't let Brad fool you, you can tell you have a baby on your back... he just makes it look so easy!
We did let the poor guy out for a little time to explore and consume a few handfuls of dirt.
What a chummy boy!
 A few years ago was the first time Brad and I tackled this mountain hill. It was on Valentines Day and the weather was a bit cooler. I remember having a stick fight and climbing my first tree. It was very surreal to remember that day, the same two people but living incredibly different lives then compared to now . Our biggest concern that day was making sure Subway didn't forget to include those little mayo and mustard packets with our sandwiches and now we were consumed with such different concerns; is Khage's milk staying cold, should I reapply sunscreen on that delicate baby skin, should we take a break so he can stretch those little gammies?
We managed to get a similar picture in the same area as we did more then two years ago
One thing hasn't changed that's for sure, we still to this day have so much fun together.
To see more of our first adventure on this here mountain hill click me.
So that was the first of many family hiking trips to come. I cant wait for Khage to be old enough to beg us to take him camping in the great outdoors.
I will leave you with this following picture.
He says that's his Michael Jackson. I don't know about that nonsense, but I sure do love that man.


Brittany said...

So fun.

Fressia said...

Super cute. How do you like the shoes?

Brad and Jamee said...

Fressia they are incredible. With that said... they were also torture. We hiked more then four miles practically barefoot. We bought them saturday and hiked sunday with only a fifteen minute walk around the neighborhood to "break them in". They also take some getting used to because they require you to run on the palms of your feet and toes vs. the heel because of the lack of cushion. But let me tell you, we used muscles that we forgot were even there and that, to us, makes them worth every penny!